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About what the modern youth writes to networks?

Now Internet - one of the most important and integral parts in life of my generation. Does not pass also one day that children did not visit the favourite sites, did not communicate to friends or did not listen to music on the Internet. But about what all - the modern youth writes to networks?

The most popular occupation among youth on the Internet - to share the thoughts, feelings and various news on the Internet about what they write to the Internet - diaries (blogs). The greatest popularity was gained now by the blog Twitter, but on this resource of the message have to be small, it is the peculiar distinctive feature of twitter allocating it against other websites with diaries and blogs. Also twitter is very popular from - for attention to it different famous people: actors, presidents and singers.

One of ways to display the internal state, the thoughts and feelings - to put the status which will become visible to all acquaintances and friends at once. The status can express some state of mind - grief, pleasure, happiness, thoughtfulness. Some think out the status, and some choose some quotes from movies, books or the Internet. There are several such phrases: “Here speak, type smile, someone can fall in love with your smile. Hey, someone, where are you? I pose as many years cheerful, and you somewhere gad!“ or “She loves wind, smiles, meetings, wine, chocolate, to smile to passersby. Leaves the house later, under the evening, it is so simpler to hide eyes and to be on others similar. She will dream, to think out - also it will become obligatory for someone the Biggest Pleasure on Sveta …“.

The creative part of young people which writes verses, articles, various sketches spreads the creations on a public inspection in search of an assessment, a praise or even criticism too. So, at forums and the websites where fans of books gather, the new genre - “ôŕíôčę“ appeared. “Fanfik“ is the history written by the admirer of the book which serves as continuation. adventures of favourite heroes. The author of “fanfik“ can change an ending, a situation or even character of favourite heroes, that is to submit the story as he wants to see. These stories can be read on the Fanns - the websites of series of adventure books where creators of “fanfik“ share impressions on read and publish the new creations. One of the Russian writers, Dmitry Emets, even published the separate book where published the best stories of admirers of his books. To read “fanfik“ - not less fascinatingly, than to read the original of the book because in a network there are a lot of young, but talented writers.

There is also a set of other subjects in which my generation is interested. For example, recently become more and more popular “fashion - blogs“, that is the blogs devoted to fashion. Young women of fashion and dandies visit various fashionable actions and displays what they also write about, generously adding to the messages of a photo and pictures of the models of clothes and footwear which are most pleasant to them.

But the most important opportunity given by the youth Internet - an opportunity to become famous. The most striking examples are children who uploaded video clips with the creativity to the entertaining websites. Every day, it is more and more young talents which became famous by means of the Internet. Someone rehashes songs of the famous performers, someone strikes with the ability to dance or ridiculously parodies people, someone writes fine verses or strikes with the sense of style and taste, and someone attracts readers to the blog where shares unique clever thoughts. Thus, thanks to the Internet the modern youth had many unique opportunities for self-expression, creativity, communication and even glory.