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Complex or identity?

“When you have an INFERIORITY COMPLEX, you and when you have a FULL VALUE complex &ndash suffer; ALL OTHERS suffer“.
&ndash Complex; such scary word. It is sure that at a pronunciation of this term everyone remembers with goosebumps and the “twisted“ constraint about the “small“ complex. I took an interest about etymology of “complex“ through Wikipedia.

In psychology this concept designates “the set of representations, motives and installations which is formed in unconscious, emotionally painted having significant effect on development and functioning of mentality, the personality and behavior of the person“. Pretty difficult explanation is entered by Carl Gustav Jung …

. Everyone will have the idea of it.

For me the complex is when you are in the center of attention of all society (when you are publicly criticized or praise, all the same), and your person is similar to Overripe tomato at this time. People always begin “to stare“ bewildered at you and your brightly crimson face, stupidly asking: “You such red became!“, and words are followed by unclear laughter. I called it “a complex of general attention“. But over time I try to get rid of it, slowly, but effectively.

From where and why people have complexes? Whether help, or on the contrary, toughen life among others?
was pleasant to me the following statement: “How? You have no complexes? Urgently descend to the psychoanalyst!“.

Complexes exist at all! There are they, generally in the early childhood and live with us in symbiosis throughout all life.

It is scientifically proved that insufficient attention to the child and constant criticism can undermine development of healthy self-respect in the teenager.

The child begins to compare himself to other children when parents, teachers, tutors provoke the child to such comparison, showing that “Lenochka is better, than you - she are accurate, and you are inaccurate. She is an honors pupil, and you are a troyechnitsa, it is beautiful, and you are not present“. Adults, bringing up the child on comparison and showing it that “to another good, and it bad“, do him by the neurotic. So far his mind was not guided in the certain way and did not tell that “that such, and you not such“, he will not compare, surely someone has to push it in this abyss.

And all who feel like it because compare the children push, showing, emphasizing a solvency of other children, and insolvency of own. In fact, this rejection by parents of own children which masks under education. And here thus, verifying own children with other children, with achievements of other children, the child is sentenced on inferiority.

“ The Inferiority complex - opinion of the individual at which he considers himself defective, restrained, owing to physical defects or / and psychological prejudices “ (Chuklov A. V.)

Conducted small survey on identification of types of complexes. What turned out:

appearance (I not beautiful, I thick, I thin)
intelligence (I silly)
non-participation (I am necessary to nobody) to
a complex of the loser (nothing is impossible to me)
the underestimated self-assessment (all better me)

the Inferiority complex - in general, negative phenomenon. However, in certain cases, it can motivate the person on achievement of the positive purposes in life. I consider that the person getting rid of this or that type of a complex, becomes stronger and more self-sufficient.

We will analyse show stars - business. Do we have complexes? And whether they could overcome them?

Small growth - it is a complex not only girls, but also guys. In due time, still Napoleon selected to himself in army of people of small growth as he. Tom Cruise wears boots on a high sole and asks that in a shot its growth not really was evident. Sergey Zverev worries from - for low growth and a thin figure. Therefore does not leave footwear on a very tall sole.

A big mouth and ugly teeth - a complex of which stars get rid by means of plastic surgery and the most courageous leave everything as it is. Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, in the childhood called them “horse“, and now, these are those actresses who are considered the highest paid.

It was surprised when found out that the celebutante of all parties and banquets, Paris Hilton got “small“ kompleksiky … at her the size of a leg 41 too! She hides it heels in 10 - 15 cm

the Most widespread complex excessive leanness or completeness is considered! Anita Tsoi, Larisa Dolina, Britney Spears, Sergey Zhukov, it is possible to list indefinitely here,… throughout all career fight with these an illness.

How many them, these complexes? Everyone finds the! Gives it the name, and then? What later?

I try to show in the article, as stars have a heap of shortcomings so to us, “mortal“? It is necessary to turn the complex into identity! But not to bury deeply in itself and to be angry for the whole world.

Or, nevertheless, to continue to live with the complexes and to be diffident?