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The Internet - the journalist: who is he?

Now the Internet the journalism slowly moves printing journalism. The Internet is a market of messages and news. The Internet - journalism is important feature also its interactivity, that is an opportunity to enter quickly dialogue with the interested reader by means of comments, forums or the guest book which equipped many virtual editions. But it will be a question not that The Future belongs the Internet to journalism! and about the Internet - journalists.

You - the Internet - the journalist You long sit near the computer, commenting on articles and filling in blogs, answering questions of interlocutors at forums and showering them own, trickier. Such is your nature - you practically never sleep because you even in a dream think out, than to attract the Internet - users to the multimedia creation, for hours cannot come off the monitor, constantly watching the events in the Internet - space - anyhow, and suddenly some news will avoid you!!! Cannot distract you practically anything, except Krom, of course, fee! Here then you can forget for a while about continuous updating of content, filling of pages and blogs and can quietly receive the terribly earned money.

Whatever venerable the Internet - the journalist you were, it is never necessary to forget about bases of bases! Here to you both new, freshest information on a genre of a note and its subgenres, both examples from newspapers and the Internet - resources! And in addition - we will draw drawing! No, companion journalist, do not think that if you can already draw better than the artist by means of the computer program, your hand absolutely forgot to hold paints and brushes! Very much even can and as!!! Here before us both the iridescent valley, and a pink heart, and a winter landscape, and still a huge number of bright, unique images! Just as in a dream! By the way about a dream. To many famous people (for example, Mendeleyev, Pushkin) in a dream even useful thoughts came very much. And I not an exception. I wrote a set of verses and stories which came about me in a dream. They were published in newspapers and even praised! Therefore, going to bed, I always lay down on a bedside table at a bed a notebook with the handle that having woken up did not forget to write down in the morning yet everything that I dreamed. And in general, I think, the real journalist never has to leave a notebook or a dictophone.

Still the Internet the journalist needs to learn to attract users to the page in a global network, at first defining a problem, then finding ways of its decision, making results, increasing awareness of users, and then - estimating results. And still, dear Internet - the journalist, now you have to be able to make the accurate concept of information product! And already precisely you will be the coolest blogger or a forumshchik! You are simply obliged to make it!

But also to you it is worth to remember about rest. It is not necessary to sit for hours at the monitor without dream and rest, it is necessary to find time for everything, the computer will not escape anywhere, and never to earn all money. So give, drink a cup of coffee or tea, have a rest, walk in the fresh air... It is easier to work for the fresh well rested head. And then quietly you can return to the favourite computer again, wander about boundless open spaces and a network and to imprint results of day in the articles, comments and blogs!