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How to make a lizun?

Lizuuun … It as live. Who is not aware - it is small, but very nice ghost … It can be plopped tastefully on a door, and it, having thought, will slowly spread down, amusingly moving the biomass. It can be poterzat, twisted and poshmyakat vigorously, he can make physical exercises, it is possible to stretch in different directions, to stick in knot and to give the ridiculous form, to expiate or feed that did not ache …

the First toy - lizun was released by the Mattel company in 1976, and after issue of the movie “Ghosts Hunters“, in 1984, his main character - a ghost by the name of Lizun - the truth, having a little transformed a habitual image, got unprecedented popularity and general adoration.

The fashion on this cheerful creative toy is quite clear. Any child is glad to snuggle, tear, twist a cool bright elastic ball, to sculpture from it different figures, to abandon and porazmazyvat, without leaving, on pleasure to mother, dirty traces.

It is possible to buy it - a lizun, or a slaym (slime), - and in shop. And it is possible to teach the child to create own, not similar to other ghosts what only the soul will wish, in house conditions from improvised materials! Especially as life of a lizun is quite short - only a week, two.

However same just remarkable reason for joint creative leisure of children and parents! Joint work pulls together, children make contact easier, open to parents, become less diffident. At the same time small motility, creative thinking, skills of work are involved in team - long live competent development!

So, we will start? Of course, houses lizun it will turn out not absolutely such as store. To get guar gum hardly it will turn out. And here PVA glue and the drill (boraks) if they did not appear in economy, can be bought absolutely cheap in shop of stationery and in a drugstore respectively.

Means, so. It is required:

1) 100 g of the PVA fresh white glue;
2) one and a half glasses of usual water of room temperature from - under the crane;
3) boraks or the drill (tetraborat sodium), is possible in the form of 4% of solution;
4) a color (several drops of brilliant green, beet juice or other safe dye) and a filler in the form of nacre or a scattering of brilliant jewelry;
5) a measured glass, a cup and a spoon (or a stick from ice cream) for mixing.

Prepared? Now process step by step:

1. If there is no ready pharmaceutical solution drills with glycerin, dissolve a tablespoon of a boraks in a glass of water.
2. In other ware we mix a quarter of a glass of water with a quarter of a glass of glue. There we add dye if it is necessary.
3. Continuing to stir glue mix, gradually we add there approximately a half-glass of solution boraks / drills before obtaining jellylike weight.

That`s all. The thickened substance, actually, is also the conceived toy. It will be necessary only to wash out it under a water stream.

It is possible to make the whole family of lizun - different flowers, multi-color as a rainbow, shining, with spangles, with asterisks, with snowflakes and small figures inside … Play with children, forget for several minutes that you are adults.

Let there will be many positive emotions!