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What is psychotherapy - charlatanism or science?

the Name “psychotherapy“ came to us together with the Hollywood movies in which such experts are called still diggers in a brain, mozgopravam etc. The term “ psychotherapy “ consists of two Greek words - “soul, spirit“ and “treatment, improvement, medicine“. It is considered that the psychotherapy is a medical impact on mentality of the person and, through it, on his organism.

It is interesting that in the USA psychotherapists - the most numerous part of medical workers, are even more than them, than lawyers. By the way, it directs foreign observers at certain conclusions.

Usually the psychotherapy is carried out by the psychologist who had special training or the doctor by personal contact with the patient for the purpose of his disposal of any personal problems - emotional, personal, social, etc. Treatment begins by conversation and supervision for the purpose of establishment of the problem disturbing the person, and further - by application of behavioural, hypnotic, medicamentous and other techniques. In the European Union the psychotherapy was carried to area of the humanities which occupation demands the high level of theoretical and clinical preparation. In Russia the specialty “psychotherapist“ is entered. This is the doctor who was trained in “medical business“, additional preparation in “psychiatry“ and special preparation on psychotherapy.

Now under the influence of television serial films of the American production demand for psychotherapists sharply increased. And often after their visit people should be treated seriously, but already at psychiatrists. Therefore before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to check carefully at least documents of people which you ask for the help.

The fashion on psychotherapists reached Russia about five years ago. Their intervention sometimes happens very important: they help to keep a family at the crisis moments, it is easier to endure divorce, quickly and less painfully to pull out, reduce stress. However happens and so that in private therapeutic offices swindlers, extortioners and charlatans work. In Russia more than a half of the private psychotherapists offering the services are not the trained, qualified specialists. At best they are simply useless, in the worst - harm patients. Most often similar “psychotherapists“ try to attach the patient to themselves, inspire need to consult in any, most trifling occasion. As a result of people spends monthly considerable sums of money for visit of such “psychotherapist“. And their sessions often cost to 70-150 US dollars.

In our country there is no law on psychotherapy and psychological assistance yet though it is urgently necessary. Formally control over activity of private psychotherapists and psychologists carries out “Roszdravnadzor“, but he is not able to follow all of them. “We have a certain set of requirements and documents which confirm qualification of the psychotherapist and on the basis of which the license is granted, - the staff of “Roszdravnadzor“ says. - But to foretell on what the person uses the knowledge, we cannot“ . Situation is complicated by the fact that reception is most often conducted in private, without witnesses therefore the victims of pseudo-psychotherapists can almost not prove the case.

In the last 10 - the anniversary considerable changes happened in Russia both in the maintenance of psychiatry, and in activity of the psychotherapist. There passed time of reckless interest in hypnosis, and also mass import of foreign methods, fashionable in the West. The period of creative development of specialty taking into account domestic achievements and the Russian medical practice came. The international experience shows that it is more or less qualitatively possible to train the psychotherapist for 2 - 3. In England on it 7 years are allotted. And we according to the program have only 504 hours.

Training of psychotherapists in Russia and America - two big differences. It is naive to think that our graduate is able to begin work of the psychotherapist at once. In the USSR there were only 3 psychological faculties. And now them 350! It is possible to imagine preparation level! So now in Russia the real training of psychotherapists only begins or maybe also did not begin. To learn - that nobody, one doctor Kurpatov! Now in Moscow it is carried out rossiysko - the Austrian project on training of children`s and teenage psychotherapists taking into account achievements of the known Austrian school. Training term - 3 years. Well, the first step is the hardest!

November 22 in Russia is celebrated a new holiday - day of the psychologist. Around the world it is considered that for health of the person important not only health of his body, but also health of soul. Some doctors even consider that sincere health is more important. The healthy mentality creates conditions for a safe state in which the person is steadier against struggles of life and stresses, can work, realize more successfully the potential, making a worthy contribution to life of the family and society. At the same time difference of psychotherapy from any kinds of therapy that the patient is considered not as the sick, but healthy person suffering, but not the patient.

Any, even the healthiest person, can have problems which appear as a result of his life situations, but it does not do him to patients. Therefore in psychotherapy to overcome a negative condition of the patient, both the doctor, and the patient as equals work. And differently nothing will turn out. Both the doctor, and the patient in common try to understand in what the reason of an unsuccessful condition of the patient why he suffers, and then appears an exit from this state and a disposal method.