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How everywhere to be in time?

- What music is listened by the British youth to relax?

- The British youth never relaxes!

(From questions and answers on Moscow a press - conferences of group of “Dispatches of fashions“) by

It is remembered, at the time of my youth, in far the eightieth, it seemed to us that our life breaks all records of speed and vanity. There passed years, and even decades. We endured disintegration of the Soviet Union, the birth of Palestinian Authority, two wars in Iraq, a default, on September 11, world crisis, unexpected coming of “the Troll`s Mummies“ and Zemfira, long-awaited leaving by Pugachyova, and a lot of things still.

Now fast dances of times “Bonnie of M“ and “Genghis Khan“ seem to our children “ballads“, and noisy fate - heroes of those years sound for them a sluggish pop-music. “All fly, all fly“ - phlegmatically conjured public in far 83 - the young Kym Breytburg`s m which did not learn temptations of a creative tandem with Borya Moiseyev and other yet. “Shob I now so “flew,“ as you then on foot went,“ - I speak in beard, being once again convinced that I lack 24 hours in days resolutely. However, true heroes and heroines of our time have no time to scribble couplets on “Who Was Not in Time, That Was Late“.

Inna Okun, the chorus master and the head of a number of musical projects - the person who is not needing representations. I got acquainted with it during this period when she fulfilled duties of the head of department of absorption. The surprising rarity - to see on the leading post not only the lady, fine in every respect, but also the real intellectual. Natural elegance, graceful charm, sharp intelligence, strong will and kind heart … To it to the person everything is even what at another looks a shortcoming. Ivritsky words in the Russian speech - at all sound alienly and strange. At Inna - it is bewitching musically. How it manages it?! I know?!

This season was for it very hard, and at the same time - extremely successful. I would write - “triumphal“, but Inna, with the stubborn modesty, by all means will call this epithet “very strongly exaggerated“.

Here one of its infinite concerts. Full absorption in music, asceticism of devotion … I compose an impromptu:

“ My precious friend! Looking at how samootreshenno you live and you breathe music, I am occurred by one comparison. I think that the theory of reincarnation of the right, and in antecedents you were Joan of Arc. But everything was much better - of course, nobody imprisoned you, and burned on a fire. Just one fine day our Lord decided that you are too good for the gloomy Middle Ages, and you live got to Heaven …“

- Inna, it is time to write the book about you. I am ready to be the participant of a group of authors!

- On pension, and not earlier. People, Seryozha, are divided into three main categories. The first do something. The second write about those who do something. The third teach those who write - to write even better, and those who do - to do what they do even better. At the same time they are not able neither to do something, properly, nor to write about it as has to. And so - I choose the first category. The supporting and third parts - not for me. If I do not burn with“

“, If you do not burn with
, If we do not burn with
Who then will dispel a gloom?“ -

I remember thoroughly almost forgotten lines of east poet, and I go to the next stish:

. ah, belladonna! Your notes,
As waters of Don, are deep.
We - flock of one arrival.
We are fishes from one river.

I often think that my self-sacrificing contemporaries, behind an eternal lack of time, should do nearly everything on the run and on the run. But they cope! I will tell you more: they cope so well that if earlier we chose only between Boris and Egor *, then now we choose between Tsipora and Binyamin **. And I still can argue with some backward public elements on a subject who is better - the Bird *** which knows where it should fly, or the Son Pravogo ****,

sometimes confusing the right and left parties of a political range … Which of patriarchal - I wildly apologize!

* Yeltsin and Ligachev

** value of Tsipor - “bird“. Here: Tzipi Livni and Binyamin Netaniyagu

*** one of values of Binyamin - “the son right“