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When it is worth asking for the help the psychologist?

Lisa gave birth to the firstborn - the girl, in 19 years. And then infinite hospitals - reanimations, experiences and expectations of a miracle began. The miracle did not happen. The three-months girl died. Doctors made a helpless gesture: “What we could make, a pre-natal infection“.

Negligent attitude has an effect on maternity hospital. The child long time was in waterless space. The infection does not keep itself waiting long.

Two years the girl dreamed the same dream. The girl dies on her hands. She, mother, runs with the daughter there where it can be helped. But... is not in time...

Young mother decides on the following child. She wishes to distract, be forgotten, to switch from death to new life.

This time Lisa does not want natural childbirth. Is afraid that something will go not so. From where - that unconscious installations grew: “I am bad mother“, “I am not able to give birth and bear children“. And it means, it is necessary to ask doctors that they “for me gave rise“. Doctors “gave birth“ to the remarkable boy. Lisa will have two more healthy children, only three subsequently. At the same time - a set of scars from Cesarean section, the drooped muscles, pains in a stomach bottom, gynecologic problems and inability to independently give rise to healthy posterity.

Parents cannot endure death of the child without sense of guilt often. Sometimes it seems what was forgotten, released, healed, An did not. The wound leaves deeply, in a jungle of our subconsciousness and then, subsequently has an effect unexpectedly. And happened to Lisa.

And it is only one sad story. And them, similar - thousands!

In society the request for the help to the psychic, to the fortuneteller or to “grandmother“ is considered norm. Still some, unfortunately, have an opinion that to the psychologist “weaklings“ go, and psychological assistance - it is shameful. My parents, for example, always looked at campaigns to the expert with some share of scepticism.

At the same time now there is a set of psychological techniques of work with feelings, installations, experiences. And who how not the psychologist is capable to help the person to cope with a difficult life situation? To endure it, to apprehend correctly, and, above all, not to bear the pain on all life.

In what cases it is worth addressing the expert?

Without fail showed the help of the professional at the most severe psychological injuries and experiences. Shock situations, stress, loss of the loved one, participation in military operations, accidents, violence and other. These are cases in which it is better “to perebdet“, than “to nedobdet“.

In failure cases in private life. Also believe, any psychologist will help better and more, than all these plots from “a celibacy wreath“ and an other black crap.

When you feel that you cannot build up the relationship with world around. Any problems connected with adjustment of the internal state find the solution at the professional. Uncertainty in itself, all complexes, unpleasant feelings, experiences are studied on personal consultation. All that hurts torments, grieves, torments, is angry, agressirut, is afraid, is subject to correction and study. Because the person should not suffer.

Problems in relationship with children are also solved at the psychologist. And in this case it is necessary to work together or even three together (the child + parents). Because all complexes, failures, protests of children - reflection of internal “jambs“ of parents, illiterate education, the wrong messages.

Ask for the professional help always when you feel that are not capable to cope with the internal problem.

the good expert is capable to teach the patient to understand himself. And at due patience once you will be able independently to put the feelings in order.

It is also important to know that not each psychologist will be useful to you. And there is nothing terrible in it. You normally treat that the stomatologist, for example, can not be pleasant. It does not mean that teeth now never in life it is necessary to treat (better to be left without teeth). But it means that it is necessary to find “the“ doctor, that which will suit you.

Also and with the psychologist. Ask recommendations of the knowing people, try, listen to the feelings, go to consultations and you will surely find that person who will be able to help you!