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The bread machine to you in the help or How to be good in housekeeping?

the Kitchen of the modern hostess is similar to a small exhibition of technical novelties and results of development of progress. It is difficult to imagine modern kitchen without electric kettle, the microwave oven, the food processor, the electric meat grinder, the blender, the mixer, a toaster and so on.

Sometimes it seems that we are not in usual kitchen, and in demonstration department to household appliances of some supermarket.

However the ultimate goal of result of operation of all these electric devices is in facilitating life to the woman in kitchen, to reduce time spent for cooking, to keep forces, health and good mood. It will be simple to cope with such arsenal also to the man. It is worth proving once again the theorem that men are the best cooks and culinary specialists, than a fine half of mankind.

And if before (years so hundred back) to be good in housekeeping meant tirelessly to work, work at kitchen and to study recipe-books, then the household kitchen appliances help to cope with this task now. However you should not forget that the soul droplet added to the dish prepared by means of household kitchen appliances will not prevent at all and at the same time will make a culinary masterpiece the real work of art with the corresponding tastes.

Not so long ago ranks of the electric household appliances created for the aid to the hostess in kitchen were filled up by the electric bread machine. The form (and it happens both longitudinal, and cross, vertical or horizontal), the sizes can be different, but the basic functions put in the program, as a rule, at all bread machines identical.

At first sight, function of the bread machine is read in the name - it bakes bread. However it only at first sight. The hostess who in kitchen has this a miracle - the device in confidence will tell you that the bread machine is able not only to bake tasty and fragrant bread and bakery products.

By the way, procedure of preparation of home-made bread is so simple and available that even that hostess who did not face preparation of bread in house conditions earlier, but wants to please the relatives with a fragrant house hlebushk, will be able to cope with it. The main thing - to observe the correct dosage of necessary ingredients, to choose the necessary program, to press “Start“ a button and to be ready to the fact that in 45 minutes or 1,5 hours bread will be already ready. Any store option of bread will not be compared to a loaf of house preparation.

So besides that the bread machine bakes tasty bread, she is able also to knead dough of different consistences. Liquid, semi-fluid, abrupt. 75% of work on preparation of house pancakes, vareniki, pelmeni and rolls this a miracle - the car undertakes. From the hostess it is only required to create future dough product and to prepare it either on a plate, or in an oven.

Still bread machines are able to cook jams, jam, jam. It is only necessary to fill up the washed-up berries, to add sugar and to choose the necessary program. Advantage of cooking of jams, jam, jam in the bread machine is available - the hostess should not stand at a plate, stirring slowly with hot weight, risking to burn hands and to worry about that its jam did not burn slightly. An internal surface of the container in the bread machine - with an antiprigarny covering. The only shortcoming - so is that for once it is possible to weld absolutely small amount of jam or jam, but simplicity and availability of process allows to load fruit and sugar and to press “Start“ several times.

There are also bread machines, possessing function of preparation of yogurts and sweet curd cakes. Then all your family will be able to regale not only a fresh hlebushk, rolls, cookies, jam, jam and jam, but also house sour-milk production.

As a rule, bread machine cost directly depends on the functions included in its program. However the more opportunities at a miracle - cars, the more than useful and tasty products you will be able to prepare in the kitchen with little effort and without attraction of additional electric devices. The preference at the choice of the bread machine should be given to production of the well-known companies making household kitchen appliances. Then it is possible not to worry whether there will be specified programs correctly to work and whether the antiprigarny covering of the container is valid. It is better to choose the certified production, and the guarantee will extend to it if something happens, and it will serve faithfully.

Home-made fragrant bread, gentle pelmeni from the tasty test, marvelous jam, magnificent rolls, fruit yogurt … It appears, to be good in housekeeping and to cook not so difficult well - with the reliable assistant in kitchen, the bread machine.