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About what sings the SUDOKU duet?

As you think why at fans of the author`s song in Israel the SUDOKU duet enjoys such love? I consider that it is all about a unique combination of remarkable poetic and composer talent of Faina Sudkovich (Sadko), her surprising voice and bright musical talent of Katerina Udal - one of the best guitarists among modern bards, the master of refined arrangements.

In 2009 “SUDOKU“ rushed, like a brilliant comet, on a bard scene where there were too many sad and boring characters. “SUDOKU“ do not consider themselves as bards, they sing the author`s song in different styles, and can be also therefore they have no “through passage“, uninteresting songs. Each number of their program - on the is fine!

A delicate lyricism, fresh figurativeness of a verse and sincerity such songs as “A rainy waltz“, Lie U-00ABa small drink charm listeners“, “It is wind“, “Do not create to yourself“, “Let it will be“, “Love for love“, “My monastery“, “Sound in me“, “We fell asleep last century“, “As years rustle December“ … The caustic irony, clever and sad humour distinguish the song “Shamakhansky Queen“ narrating about the weak men who are diligently representing from themselves heroes. The song “I Am a Small Black Funnel“ - one of the best songs about war. It is the “vysotsky“ power of a verse and music which is tugging at heartstrings and the “okudzhavsky“ relation to war - “War cannot be great! “ And Faina Sudkovich gets for the ironical relation to policy for which many other authors spend uncountable verses and songs in one terrible line: “And someone from above tells fairy tales …“

Independently for me is costed by the remarkable song “Person Obyknovenny“ - probably, from all songs of a duet she most of all “speaks to my soul“. “Person the Ordinary“ is about all of us, men and women, usual and talented, and it sounds as wonderful reminiscence from the far childhood …

Who these great and so talented ladies who managed to get recognition of such master of an author`s song how Yuli Kim, managed to get up in one row with masters of a genre from the capitals and megalopolises?

Faina Sudkovich. “In the world“ - the engineer and the manager, on calling - the poetess. And execution of the verses under music for Faina - the best way to inform of the thoughts and feelings public. Among the last udach of Faina - a victory on 6 - m the International competition of the Russian poetry, in its plans - work on the book of verses. But I think that the main progress of Faina Sudkovich - ahead, and she all - in the future.

Katerina Udal. Talent, “made himself“, the graduate of musical college who, like many musicians - repatriates in Israel, should be engaged in absolutely not musical work. But Katya lives and breathes music, and its contribution to music of the SUDOKU duet - is big. Most often Faina composes a song melody, and Katya gives it the optimum form from the point of view of arrangement. Excellently Katerina Udal are successful songs on verses of the famous poets, and its voice and accompaniment ideally supplement a magnificent vocal of Faina Sudkovich.

The SUDOKU duet performs at various concerts and festivals of an author`s song in Israel much, their songs sounded on radio “REKA“, they plan shootings of several video clips for the songs, performance in popular TV program “Seven forty“ is necessary to them … I will especially note the fact that now Faina and Katya work on record of the first album, and several songs from it can already be heard on their musical page on the Internet. “SUDOKU“ in a sound recording is the ideally verified sound, fine balance of voices and acoustic guitars, a “tasty“ sound and company handwriting which you will not confuse with anybody!

To our great regret, very often in the world of art of mediocrity become “stars“, and originally talented actors do not gain recognition. But I trust in the SUDOKU duet, Faina and Katya, I believe that everything at them will turn out. These are fantastic “SUDOKU“! It is the phenomenon which will never repeat!