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Mikhail Ronkin. Work how key to success?

(interview with the wife of the poet Margarita Ronkina) of

- can be spoken About the died creative specialists such state style. And what if to us to talk about Mikhail Ronkin a living language?

- Well - let`s try …

- As the officer of tank troops, the philologist Mikhail Ronkin became the poet and the journalist?

- Mischa, after the termination of tank school and several years of service in tank troops in a rank of the senior lieutenant, returned to civil life. Outside there were fiftieth years, we were already married, lived in Frunze. Mischa entered the Kyrgyz State University, on philological faculty. In student`s years began to work as the journalist at republican radio. His talent, diligence and professionalism quickly output it in “the highest league“ of journalists. In the sixtieth, after creation of the Kyrgyz television, he became an editor in edition of literary programs, it was admitted to the Union of journalists of the USSR; a bit later, after it had two collections of verses - in the Writers` Union of the USSR …

- When its first poetic collection appeared?

- In 1960 - m to year, was also called this book “Difficult roads“. He began to write verses in army years … Mischa, in total, had fourteen collections of verses (five of them - satirical, in a co-authorship with Emmanuil Prag), and he considered the main calling poetry. Carried on traditions of the Soviet poetry - mainly, in civil lyrics. And the journalism was Work - work in which it put all the forces … and he very much loved this work. Mischa was fantastically hardworking and efficient person.

- But, except the verses, there were also translations of the Kyrgyz poets …

- Yes, it translated great variety of the Kyrgyz poets. It was very much appreciated by Chinghiz Aitmatov. When noted 50 - Mischa`s anniversary, Aitmatov conducted anniversary evening, and he told about Mischa: “our national kirgizsko - the Russian poet“. The chief of department of literature of the Pravda newspaper Koshechkin published verses of the Kyrgyz poets only in Mikhail`s translations. There is such literary Quality mark. And books with Mischa`s participation as the translator - nineteen left.

- We will return to journalistic career of Mikhail …

- After several years of work as the ordinary editor on television, Mischa became the deputy chief editor of edition of literary programs (you remember this Asian custom: the first head - from “radical“, and his deputy - Russian-speaking?) .

- Yes, of course!

- He was a magnificent journalist, and it was printed very willingly by the most different republican editions, and subsequently - and central: “Crocodile“, “The literary newspaper“, “News“, “Truth“, “Spark“ … In the seventieth Mischa began to do on the Kyrgyz television the satirical serialized television program “Prickly Screen“ which for our republic was the same, than mikhalkovsky “Match“ - for all Union. Very authoritative and terrible there was a telecast - any chief could oust, after criticism in “The prickly screen“. I will add to it that Mischa those years wrote texts of speeches and reports of responsible republican heads, wrote - in a co-authorship with Emmanuil Prag - scenarios of the most responsible official actions … He was the convinced communist, and from all the income and the fees in the accuratest way deducted party contributions. Was engaged in propaganda activities, cooperated with Komsomol … he trusted in those ideals which he propagandized.

- When there leave people famous to all republic entering the party nomenclature, merit pensioners - it means that the situation in the republic is very badly. Tell, please, about it …

- We never thought of repatriation, there were no such thoughts … But after reorganization such lawlessness began to be created around that nothing else remained. People were beaten and plundered directly on streets … We sold the smart apartment and the car for nothing, bonds were gone, savings almost did not manage to be received on hands before departure … and in 1993 - m we arrived to Israel.

- How there was Mikhail`s destiny here?

- It is very heavy to remember the first two years. Neither former merits and Mischa`s regalia, nor his enormous experience of the journalist - nobody all this interested. And then Lazar Danovich from “Vesti“ offered Mischa cooperation, and work - “Vesti“, “News of week“, “Time“, the Balagan magazine, the Beseder weekly went … Mischa very quickly “got a grasp“ of the Israeli realities, and his articles and reviews differed in depth and erudition. And still - published the collection of verses “A fullface and in a profile“. Despite a retirement age, Mischa worked every day and worked till last day. He was simply not able to live and work in a different way.