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Faina Sudkovich. “Who will guess a rain who will stop wind?“

in recent years I make pleasant discoveries - I recognize poets - the fellow countrymen very far from a retirement age and besides - bright, interesting and talented. One of such opening - the poetess and the amateur performer Faina Sudkovich.

The person lives as he can.
Simply breathes inattentively.
Simply feels Loneliness of the Universe to a shiver
Just sees, just hears
I of
the Almighty tsar Prirody,
the Person Obyknovenny walks at random …
Faina was born

in a family of doctors, graduates of the Leningrad medical institute. The first years of her life passed in the different cities of Russia, and then the family was proved in Moscow area. There Faina began school study, its occupations began music in the same place. The girl had a perfect ear, and she chose as the tool a violin, having replaced it in several years with a piano. When to Faina there were twelve, the family once again changed the residence, having moved to Noginsk. At this time Faina writes for various school newspapers much, visits a circle of the young journalist in the city Palace of pioneers. However among favourite school objects - not only literature, but mathematics.

- But verses began earlier, years in eleven, - Faina remembers. - At first subjects were nurseries, and years already wrote lyrics to thirteen. You know how at many happens - the first love comes, and together with it and verses come. And still - composed melodies, instrumental music, executing the things on a piano. Music loved the most different, and this flavoring eclecticism proceeds to this day. the Choice of higher education institution turned out

unexpected - it was Moscow State University of service. Student`s years were celebrated by occupations in the studio of the famous poet and critic Kirill Kovaldzhi which was “under a wing“ vsesoyuzno the famous magazine “Yunost“.

- It was the most real literary study, - Faina says. - Then my perception of poetry was created. And a bit later there was a Poeziya Club, performances before public … And once I wanted to sing the verses to the guitar. These are verses which I sing, but not songs. To me it was thought that I will easier inform of the thoughts and feelings the listener if I give them a song shape. Quickly mastered guitar accompaniment and stepped on the stage with “the sung poetry“. And it is valid, there was an understanding of audience, and there was a success. Gorbachev reorganization, meanwhile, was replaced by

hard “Post-Soviet“ the ninetieth. After the termination of university Faina managed and to work in “native“ services industry, and even to try the forces as the TV reporter on one of regional commercial channels. However the situation in Moscow of that time led it to the decision on departure to Israel. Anti-Semitic groups then ungirdled outright, and it became the repatriation reason for many capital Jews.

- But for literature and art it was, of course, absolutely liberal era, - Faina continues. - If to speak about poetry, about songs, then it is sure: would remain - there would be both publications, and concerts … But for me then “other head“ began.

B 1993 - m Faina with the son comes to Israel and at first settles to Bath - the Hole - exactly there since 1991 - go there live her parents. And a bit later the friend invites her in Afula and helps her device at the beginning.

- From the simple worker on the conveyor to the quality manager, - Faina laconically summarizes. - Especially it was not necessary to be retrained; besides an ulpan, completed several technical courses. And as in Russia worked at a similar position, I can tell - I worked almost all years in Israel in the specialty. At me in the diploma “engineer“ therefore also my absorption was rather “soft“ appears. And “as a hobby“ - a page on the website Verses. ru, completely given to verses, performances with the songs and vocal Vocalese ensemble under control of Inna Okun where it happens to sing the most different music.

At one of city concerts I also heard Faina Sudkovich`s songs, and they got just “to a desyatochka“. And I very well know why so it are pleasant to me “Person the Ordinary“, “A lie a small drink“, “the Shamakhansky queen» and many other songs of Faina.

There are many talented poetesses, there are many amateur performers composing excellent melodies to the songs, there are very many singers with fine voices. And here a combination of one, others and the third together - personally I consider unique, and this combination creates remarkable talent of Faina Sudkovich. And verses are especially good also the fact that they are beyond far so-called female poetry, they for all - both for women, and for men.

The musical basis of songs of Faina took a lot of things from the Russian romance, his sincere and heart-felt intonation. Fine accompaniment of the guitarist Katerina Udal acting in a duet with Faina ideally supplements deep, expressive, melodiously rich voice of the singer. Katya possesses arrangements of many songs, interesting melodic decisions - sometimes we hear baroque music echoes, sometimes - rhythmics of a reggae … And lyricism and a “eternal“ love subject adjoin in songs of a duet to philosophical judgment of life and witty, ironic pictures of daily reality.

Recently Faina Sudkovich speaks at festivals and concerts in the different cities of our country much, begins to gain the true popularity. Unfortunately, until recently incorrect stereotypes of perception when big talents contact in consciousness of public the capitals and megalopolises often worked, and the creative people living on the periphery are perceived as “local talents“. But recently fans of Faina Sudkovich received very pleasant news - the poetess became the owner Gran - at on 6 - m the International competition of the Russian poetry of V. Dobin.

Actually, all this geography - absolutely at anything, and during our era the genius can create in the village, and full the untalented person - in the capital. Now very informal time - time when it is necessary not to trust labels and labels, and to estimate creativity “upon“. Faina works on an audio recording of the songs, and I hope that sometime we will also see the book of its verses.

Let it will be the small lie,
which is Thought up weak for the good.
Let it will be the small benefit,
Acquired for a penny.
What there is a price how not an alarming sign
of Others attempts of disobedience?
That there is it as not empty opinion,

Supported by the value of papers … Let it will be a small whim
In aspiration to divide itself into parts.
Let it will be small happiness,
the Last step, the next voyage.
Let it will be the small price
For the fact that I always to all fault.

Life experience taught me to belong to casual, it seems, meetings and acquaintances seriously. The matter is that in life there is nothing casual. And personally for me acquaintance to such bright talents as the amateur performer Faina Sudkovich or, for example, the chorus master Inna Okun - happiness and a sign of destiny. I long was engaged in lyrical poetry and therefore I very in detail spoke to public about myself, the soul and different feelings and experiences. And here the journalism - is devilishly good the fact that it is the most unselfish kind of literature because you tell - about other people.

I was glad, moderately the modest forces, to tell about the poetess and the amateur performer Faina Sudkovich. Let`s wish it success and udach!