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Whether we know the creative opportunities?

(interview with the artist and Mila Volshonok`s healer) of

- Frankly speaking, I am far from painting, but you - one of the few artists whose works cause in me interest. Tell, please, our readers a little about yourself...

- By a sort I from Dnipropetrovsk, was repatriated to Israel in 1995 - m to year, our family lodged in Natsrat - Ilite. The initial stage was heavy - unqualified work, plants … Not before creativity was. And then the period of spiritual searches began, I began to be engaged in various spirituality. Then, about six years ago, in my life painting appeared. I earn a living by quite prestigious and qualified work - the designer of gifts. And painting for me - at all not business, not the income item. My pictures bear kind energy to people, pleasure, happiness, tenderness, they cure … I write them under specially picked up music which is tselitelsky too. In general it is necessary to tell that for me creativity is a communication channel with B - gy, or a communication channel with Space, perhaps. Therefore, from my point of view, creativity helps the person to understand itself and to become better, harmonizes it with world around, cures soul and a body. It is my purpose, my mission in this world. Pictures are specially loaded on improvement. The prices of my pictures - are quite available. And when I paint a picture by request, I “am as if adjusted“ on this person, and the salutary force of my picture for him - is much higher.

I write with the, special equipment - it is acrylic which is applied with a set of layers and makes impression of painting by oil. At the moment I have about 80 pictures, many are bought by Israelis; some pictures now - in Europe and the USA, Ukraine, Canada. Mila Volshonok`s
- the participant of many exhibitions, the member of the Union of artists of Israel.

- As if you defined the style, the manner of the letter?

- I do not feel any influences … And the direction I will call romantically - mystical, with impressionism elements. I am a romantic woman.

- Besides painting, you are a healer. It - too creativity, or this manifestation of your natural medical abilities?

- Yes, it too creativity. I studied at different high masters much, I have many developments … At me there is a lot of different diplomas and regalia, but an essence not in it. I treat people with various diseases, is frequent with heavy, and quite successfully, sometimes I give lectures, I carry out meditations … And what is called clairvoyance it is “reading“ of information from the person, with the purpose to help it, to help to deal with the troubles and problems. Most often, the wrong reaction of the person to different events, the wrong attitude towards itself and different situations of the life - is also a root of all troubles. I help the person to understand that his reaction generated this or that illness, and we together “erase“ negative information in a body of the person, and also malefices, damage and many other things that generates diseases and vital problems. I am a healer of soul and a body, I help people to become healthier and kinder. More happily.

In Mila`s life - the lovely, charming woman ready to come to the rescue. Happens, walking down the street, it to have to give help to the old man at whom took heart, the woman with a headache or to stop a wound on the broken knee of the crying girl.

- And, it is traditional - your wishes to our readers?

- I wish you love, good luck and harmony!