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The chorus master Inna Okun - “the Turgenev woman“ in the 21st century?

the Chorus master Inna Okun, the coordinator of city musical projects - the creative person famous far outside the city Afula. It is possible to call her many-sided musical talent safely outstanding, its long-term organizing work deserves the most great praises, her self-sacrificing devotion to Music - an enthusiastic example for many and many!

Inna on a scene - the center of thin beauty, elegance and grace, full creative devotion … Inna`s Way to art began

in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Cherkasy. Little Innochka had excellent musical abilities, and successful study at comprehensive school adjoined to persistent occupations at music school. Since the childhood differing in that extreme conscientiousness which it is the most correct to call perfectionism, Inna studied on “perfectly“ everywhere where she studied. The schoolgirl of music school Inna Okun constantly took prizes at competitions of young pianists.

Having realized music as the calling, business of all the life, it arrived in Kirovohrad musically - teacher training college. After brilliant thesis defense, returned to native Cherkasy. By tradition of that time, Inna received distribution in one of comprehensive schools, but the same year the school chorus under control of the young chorus master Inna Okun won at a city competition of school amateur performance, and Inna was invited to the city Palace of pioneers and school students to direct children`s chorus.

In 1990 - m Inna with the husband will be repatriated to Israel, settles in Afula, already here she gives birth to the daughter.

- From - for it ulpan Hebrew I passed, - Inna remembers, - and on courses of music teachers it was necessary to make enormous efforts for studying of Hebrew, necessary musical terminology, the TANAKH … generally, everything, than it is necessary to seize to the teacher for receiving the right for official teaching music in Israel. But - coped and passed examinations quite successfully.

the First place of work of the chorus master Inna Okun in Israel - afulsky matnas Bate - Poznak, children`s chorus which Inna herself also created “from scratch“. The first year worked without salary. Well, and very serious projects connected with the organization of a rav of Grossman became the first “real“ work - including also performances on television. But, to a great regret, an invincible barrier to work of the talented chorus master Inna Okun was the fact that, according to religious tradition, the woman cannot conduct chorus of boys …

For many years Inna worked as the organizer of culture in one of afulsky “beyt - avot“, carried out many various research projects connected with a muzykoterapiya with the psychodrama … And the last thirteen years Inna Okun - the chorus master of city music school, the conductor of all choruses of music school and school Ben - Zvi, the head of chorus of veterans “Salt“, ensemble of parents “Vocalese“, chorus “Shirel“, the coordinator of all city musical projects.

- All my musical projects for me - interesting and favourite, - Inna says. - I like to work with people. And different forms of creativity are just different forms of self-expression.

- Well, and your most unusual project?

- Perhaps, the project connected with kindergarten of “Sitvanit“ - I began it with fall of 2009 - go. You represent - children at the age of five years not only study singing, but also master playing violins and other musical instruments!

- I cannot but ask about chorus “Shirel“, Vocalese ensemble, chorus of veterans “Salt“ …

- it is planned with chorus “Shirel“ performance at a festival of choruses in Slovakia This summer. As for “Vocalese“ - we study opportunities for concerts in other cities of Israel, festivals … Well, and the chorus “Salt“, as always, continues to participate in many concerts, both in Afule, and in other cities of the country … could tell

Ya very long about musical projects of the most talented chorus master Inna Okun - about unique chorus “Shirel“, about surprising Vocalese ensemble, about remarkable chorus of veterans “Salt“ and many others … But it is impossible to describe words music. Here, truly - it is better to hear once, than to read hundred times! I will notice only that it is impossible to be the talented musician and the teacher, paying attention only to music. The musician Inna Okun - the intellectual, versatily erudite person loving books, serious cinema, the theater which is interested in life in all its manifestations, the good friend and just beautiful, charming woman.

I want to wish Inna further success on such her hard, but fine way, further creative fulfillments, new interesting projects, successful concerts and festivals - both in Israel, and beyond its limits! Thanks for music!

Music descends on the earth,
Carrying away us on waves of nostalgic tunes,
On waves of light grief and a tranquil pleasure,
There where my dream dozes.
I when I see on this platform
You, the messenger Sveta,
Ya I touch invisible strings and I sing:
“You are Music music of my soul“.

A magic wave of trembling hands,
I the melody descends from heaven,
Carrying away us on waves of grief and pleasure
is far - far,
There where the dream is born.

(the poem of the author - Sergey Turkin)