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Automobile fuel of the near future. Simple household garbage?

- Dock why you push garbage in a fuel tank? - I need though some fuel! (From the movie “Back in the Future“) by

In the same movie specified also year from which, according to the mad doctor, cars will fill with usual city garbage, - 2015 - y.

The mad doctor was not mistaken. It is possible to fill tanks with the gasoline made of usual garbage in principle already now. Cost of receiving gasoline, according to developers, makes only 4 kopeks, according to other data - 4 rubles (the reporting 5 - go the channel of the Russian TV).

At the same time gasoline turns out without impurity, the highest test, conforming to the Euro - 5 standard (besides, according to developers). For promotion (monetization) of the project developers even submitted the application for participation in the championship of Russia on an autocross, and the racing car will work only at “garbage gasoline“.

The installation nicknamed developers (The Tomsk company “STORK-T“) “benzinovyzhimalka“ according to documents is called “STORK“ (the Alternative Source of the Synthesized Fuel).

The principle of action is simple to genius. Any garbage containing carbon and hydrogen (a tree, plastic, paper, food, sewer drains etc.) it is split on components - carbon and hydrogen. Further from them simple gaseous connection is synthesized, and already from it by change-over of the unit it is possible to receive automobile gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene, acetone, various technical alcohols … And it is possible to use just as gas for heating.

And still attention! “The STORK - the T“ is completely autonomous. If to bring her and to disconnect from the power supply network, installation will function all the same. Only be in time in it push garbage! The device in that look which exists already now absorbs 3 cubic meters of the pressed garbage an hour, developing at the same time in an hour up to 200 liters of gasoline!

Installation digests even the most difficult plastic garbage in processing and packing materials consisting of various layers. “In installation there is a destruction of uglerodosoderzhashchy substances under the influence of high temperatures, and then in the synthesis reactor from carbon and hydrogen gasoline molecules turn out“, - one of developers S. Zotov noted. According to him, for example, from 1 kg of the pressed plastic bottles about 900 grams of fuel turn out. Waste - the alloyed metal and siliceous sand from the melted-off glass can be used in production of building materials.

According to the project manager Sergey Zhernyak, such installations will be economically justified already at connection of three multi-storey buildings. You look: there is no payment for garbage removal, for sewer drains. And still by request either gas, or gasoline, or moonshine from this piece receive. Or perhaps at once light and heat if installation is collected for some farm which is “at the world`s end“. The settlement cost of an industrial sample makes from 12 to 17 million rubles. Production of the first industrial sample is planned for 2012.

The project is already approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation as “strategically important for Russia“. Aha, still. How many problems are solved at once! Both the ecology is cleared, and gasoline (gas, light etc.) almost free. Besides, garbage - a product renewable. Until there live people, it will never come to an end.

Similar developments are conducted practically in all developed countries with 80 - x years of the last century. In any case, in the Soviet Union there was the whole program of receiving fuel for military equipment in case plants for oil refining will be destroyed as a result of a nuclear attack. Closest Japanese approached Russians, according to developers, but their gasoline is polluted by impurity and for use as automobile fuel demands difficult expensive system of cleaning.

Similar installations are also in America, but so far Americans lag behind Russians (according to S. Zotov) on two - three years. That is it is impossible to detain transition of similar installations from scientific exotic in industrial samples in any way, otherwise we will buy them then from Americans or Japanese.