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Who are you, students 1960 - 70 - x? Materials to history of generation

Whistle they as bullets at a temple offsets, a repeating an examination and examinations … Whistled both university, and vital. To the fortieth anniversary of the termination of the Alma Mater I undertook to collect some main information about colleagues. The following turned out.

Release of chemical faculty of the Leningrad award of the Labour Red Banner of state university of A. A. Zhdanov of 1972 (generally receipt in 1967) . We were born at I. V. Stalin , were brought up at the time of thaw and natural-science priorities , worked at Brezhnev`s stagnation , Gorbachev reorganization , Yeltsin wild capitalism and a Putin oligarkhizm . Now all of us on pension on age (but not on spirit) - it is possible to sum up the results. Here data which my sokashnik wished to publish, from open sources, social networks, etc. are provided

Us was 170 in September, 1967 - the entrants turned from thirsty for the student ticket in students, thirsty knowledge, career, alcohol, husbands... Competition 4,5 persons into place. Took four examinations: mathematics (orally), physics, chemistry, composition. A lowest passing score from the three first examinations - 14 of 15 (12 on department of radiochemistry). About 30% were deducted in the course of training in the reasons of the academic poor progress, a marriage, an illness … (are replaced by comers from an evening department, from army, an akademotpusk, other higher education institutions …). The diploma in 1972 was reached by about 160 people (30% of men that is not characteristic of chemistry of the second half of the 20th century - a bit too much).

And to what came in 2012:
of the Doctor of science - 9;
Candidates of science - 51;
Teachers - more than 23;
Businessmen - 4;
Colonels - 2;
Live abroad - 9.
Already died - 16.

Conclusions :
- practically all worked with in the specialty - what will not tell about today`s graduates;
- paternalistic character of society is available - among doctors of science there is one woman though on their course there were about 70%;
- 35% “became staid“ that confirms to a research orientation of education at faculty in the middle of the 20th century;
- us brought up by tens of candidates of science and diploma students , and the number of the school and university students listening to our lectures does not give in to the account;
- adaptability and motivation to business low - heads of medium business of unit though in 1990 - x years our age was quite active - 40 - 45 years;
- army career did not seduce though all men of a course were reserve officers (two colonels - researchers from military scientific research institutes); but from execution of a debt did not evade - part of radio chemists took part in recovery from the accident on the Chernobyl NPP;
- is high patriotism or mobility is low as abroad constantly there live units though many work under the contracts with the foreign organizations;
- is low motivation to party career : in structures of CPSU it was chosen by three colleagues (naturally was interrupted in 1991); in “Yabloko“ - one; in obvious dissidents nobody moved though A. I. Solzhenitsyn`s letters, a samizdat constantly turned nearby and we read now and then it;
- generation was rather durable - only 0,94% abandoned us forever today. There were no big wars, golodomor, executions.

The English proverb says: instead of criticism of others - paint the fence ! Thus, our fences are painted quite carefully!