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Cynicism or sound judgment on life?

Are such bad word “cynicism“. Defilement of human values - here that it designates. Unpleasant, evil concept. And in one dictionary is not present though how many - nibud its kind shades.

Cynicism or cynicism (other - Greek K υ ν ι σ μ ό ς) - frank, provocatively - a scornful, sneering attitude to norms of public morals, cultural values and ideas of decency; negative, nigilistic attitude towards the standard norms of morality. (Wikipedia)

I here the question arises: where a side between contempt to norms of morals and realness? In my opinion - it is all about subjective perception of each certain individual.

Some acquaintances consider my manner of communication as cynicism. Well, let will be so! And I dare to claim that some cynicism not only is bad, but also is useful!

the Cynicism teaches us to be self-assured. If you are diffident, are afraid of shortcomings, are not able to laugh at yourself, be quiet - to you will not have the luck to communicate to the real kind cynic.

When my husband joyfully answered a question: “Yes, you are a korotkonozhka“, - I was not offended at all. And opposite, right there declared: “You and such love me!“ With what the spouse gently agreed.

the Cynicism gives boundless opportunities for humour, for the real pearls. How many wonderful improvisations are born at witty cynics in the course of easy communication - not to cynics and did not dream!

“Mischa, you did not die yet?!“ - my good acquaintance steadily welcomes the companion. And that answers it with the Odessa accent: “You will not wait!“ They play a trick one above another. On - kind, without desire to offend. Know, it is possible to speak easily and freely, you will be understood correctly. And conversation turns out - just a well of pearls. Take - and write down the ready comic story, be only in time! Because purposely you will not think up the second time of it.

This product of thinking learns to call things by their proper names. And, respectively, to perceive only what is said, without adding at the same time any own conjectures. And it means that close people do not need to strain and every time to be at special loss for words for the correct understanding. In “the cynical relations“ you are free in the statements, and it is extraordinary pleasant!

- I thought here … I when married you, counted on a cottage generally, - I say without claim note in the husband.
- is clear. And what? - he answers.
- Yes that that … It was necessary to reconcile to its absence. However, if you had no apartment, I would not marry.
- You know if I had no apartment, I and itself to you did not ask in marriage.

And nobody at anybody takes offense!

Where there are dry facts of life, does not have the place to pink glasses. On the realistic head such points will not get accustomed. And it means, the owner of such head passes pains from collapse of ideals of the thought-up fairy tales.

As we know, in life is not present white and black, good and bad. And to it, transparent perception the realist is inclined. Cold mind allows to estimate sensibly itself, the opportunities, helps to make the weighed decisions. I, for example, at a marriage very soberly weighed all pros and cons. The minimum conditions of comfort are necessary for my tender feelings at least. The tent for this purpose does not approach.

Sensible thoughts do not exclude strong feelings. And at all even on the contrary! The adequate assessment of the abilities, understanding of what you agree to, allows not to injure and to long keep the feelings in heart.

the Cynicism does not mean malignancy at all. These are the different, not always crossed concepts. Equal-sign between cynicism and the evil - intrigues of our stereotypes. The person can be at the same time kind, loving and cynical (or realistic who as will understand), but not the spiteful cynic. And he does not seek to offend someone at all. He just got used to express thus the thoughts. In order that to understand it, it is necessary to be able to feel, distinguish truth and lie, not to perceive everything literally.

In everything the gold core, the measure is good. And if cynicism moderately if this outlook does not deliver to itself and people around of unpleasant feelings, then why is not present?