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The housewife - a sentence or advantage?

Housewife... For one it sounds as a sentence, for others as freedom in operation.

One perceive the status with chagrin and a regret as something irreparable that should be worried somehow. And it somehow, is expressed in total loss of interest in life, an old dressing gown and the worn-out slippers. Series, it is strict on hours, cooking, cleaning, washing, the husband and children. And if in the first weeks of “the house mode“ the woman still tries to watch herself, then for 2 - 3 - she forgets to brush the hair in the mornings, to make up eyes and instead of the stretched, terry dressing gown to put on a sports suit which so slims her and fits on her figure well. Some women, having realized that they in the status of “housewife“ - endure now the real stress and a depression. Fear to stop being demanded and interesting leads over time to what they most of all were afraid of - they stop being interesting and demanded. Life turns into gray everyday life, without exact date in a calendar. As a rule, such women if to ask them what they now day of week, are confused and confused. They live out of time. Over time their family gets used that nearby them anyone lives, only not the beloved and mother. Yes, and unless this being with a pale face, a wild hair and in the worn-out slippers is similar to the beloved and the loving mother? But, I am a housewife - to change something to all offers in itself, such women answer. Why to me to be painted? Why to buy new shoes? For these women “housewife“ - a sentence of their feminity and sooner or later to happy marriage. And in their life their house becomes the owner.

In the status of “housewife“ for others life only begins. Besides that there is more time for a family, the husband and children, the woman has more time for herself. In the “house mode“ she sees not shortcomings, but advantages. Over the head there is no spiteful and nervous administration, it is not necessary to worry about quarterly and annual reports, it is not necessary to prove since early morning the theory of natural selection in attempt to get to public transport. It is not necessary, it is not necessary, hundreds more “are not necessary“ different unpleasant trifles. But it “is necessary“ to watch himself, and even if there is not enough money for fitness - the center, all the same is an opportunity to get up a bit earlier in the morning and to be run on morning park or stadium. Such housewife always has an advantage to make a tasty breakfast to the family, to lead everyone both to school, and for work. To bring order to the cozy dwelling, to chat with the girlfriend, to walk on shops, to make a tasty lunch and to invite own husband to try the magnificent cooking. Invaluable advantage to meet children after school, to make with them small walk on the way home. To chat, posekretnichat and become even closer. To run on manicure, to correct a hairstyle. And on a question of that, why to you all this? To answer with a smile, I am a housewife, the hostess of the house, the status obliges to watch herself.

In what a difference between two types of these women? One lower hands, and the house becomes their owner, duties cover with the head and a feminine, feminity, are buried under the heavy status of “housewife“. For others, not circumstances, and women become a master of the situation.

In life there can be different events. Temporary time - a miss between former and future work, the birth of children, moving on the new place and hundreds of different options in which the words “Darling You Will Sit So Far at Home …“ become the final result you Should not fall into despair and a depression and to think that with the status of “housewife“ our life comes to an end. In total not so. Everything only begins. And if the life situation allows also the spouse in forces independently to provide needs and requirements of a family - it is just fine. Allow the man to feel the real getter and the supporter of a family. And, instead of shedding tears in the mornings that all go to work, and you are forced to stay at home, enjoy life. You catch these minutes of a respite in mad vital race. Devote more attention to, to the health, the self-education. Read more, and not only women`s magazines, you watch new movies, listen to new music, buy new clothes. Spend time which appeared thanking “the house mode“ on rallying own family, to organize rest and leisure, to become closer and more native. Treat the status of “housewife“, as new interesting and important work. And unless you will allow to come to yourself to work in a dressing gown, slippers and without make-up?

To be a housewife - very important work. You now hostess of the house …