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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

value definition designates Ecstasy causes harm manifestation demonstration advantage can give tendency of the reason the state promotes manifestation of ecstasy works strong wild to fall to hold to show to allow to constrain affect enters the person

z Ecstasy - the highest degree of frenzied delight, ecstasy, enthusiasm.
pzv to Manifestation of ecstasy is promoted by spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, positive outlook, optimism … p it is difficult for
to fall into ecstasy - without loving people and the world.
p Togo who is good to people - ecstasy visits more often.
p not divided ecstasy - is weaker.
zp Ecstasy should not be looked for - it has to come.
z Ecstasy - weakens mobility, and even can lead to catalepsy.
z Ecstasy - affect.
z Ecstasy - is positive.
z Ecstasy - changes consciousness.
of stars Ecstasy can be followed by hallucinations.
z the Highest extent of ecstasy can excite heroism, knowledge, contemplation, creativity, love, sex …
z Ecstasy - can be mass.
zp Ecstasy - can lead to mental disorders.
of stars Ecstasy - is close to insanity.
zd Ecstasy - weakens control over time.
of stars In ecstasy at the person is weakened control over itself.
of stars Being in ecstasy of people, stays out of itself.
pz the Divided ecstasy - doubles.
to Ecstasy - fine madness.
zpd Ecstasy and violence - different things.
z Ecstasy - is in many respects obliged to surprise.
z the Smile, laughter, ecstasy can be shown in the person involuntarily for balance of feelings if it stays in the mountain, sufferings, risks, cries … z the Ecstasy caused by the nature for balance of feelings - is unnatural
p Should not stop spontaneous, causeless ecstasy - it lecheben, unless that - it can be covered from others eyes.
z From ecstasy can lose a speech power and ability to move.
zd In life ecstasy and disgust - always nearby.
pz Ecstasy needs moderation.
and Even ecstasy - has a side-altar. z in many respects ecstasy we predetermine
z Ecstasy is in many respects obliged - to good health and kind mood.
z Ecstasy is limited to understanding and imagination.
zd Ecstasy - obvorazhivat.
z Ecstasy - an integral part of love.
z Ecstasy - feeling strong and deep. to Ecstasy it is easier for
to frighten away - than a nightingale.
to From ecstasy before disgust - one step.
to Expectation of ecstasy is not less fine - than ecstasy.
zpv the Person falls into ecstasy seldom - but often has disgust.
z Long the person is tired to be in ecstasy -.
z Ecstasy - rough positive emotion.
to What enters into ecstasy of one - disgust can cause in others.
from We fall into ecstasy from the fact - that we cannot imagine the best.
from It is impossible to fall into ecstasy from what should be improved.
z the Friend of ecstasy - optimism.
z nonsense Ecstasy - is wild.
zp the Wound ecstasy - through time pours out disgust.
z Ecstasy absorbs adversities.
z Ecstasy promotes formation of positive outlook.
and will Deeply like ecstasy - only the one who learned disgust can.
yu Ecstasy - is capable to lead to an unconscious state.
yu It is necessary to try that yours ecstasy - afflicted nobody.

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