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Who in a mirror? Reflection and its influence of

is difficult to present the life without this subject of use. To it we turn the views since early morning, before it we spend regularly short minutes, and at times long hours. During the day we catch the reflection and we look at ourselves as though from outside. And in the evening after an unlucky day we dart a tired glance at it.

It will be a question of mirrors and of a world behind the looking-glass role in our life. Mirrors in the house, mirror show-windows on streets, mirrors at offices, mirrors at restaurants and cafe. In a day our reflection to one thousand times flashes on different smooth surfaces, is reflected in various options. Sometimes we do not even notice it. And at times fixedly we peer into the reflection.

Whether there is no danger in the world of a world behind the looking-glass? Whether this world does harm to our life and health? Or, maybe, mirrors are even useful?

Modern design decisions in the courageous and progressive projects very actively use mirrors. Mirror ceilings, mirror floors, mirror walls, mirror partitions, mirror doors of cases - the compartments decorated with fancy drawings and ornaments, little tables with a smooth surface. Mirrors visually increase space indoors, give it the additional depth and height. Create the thin atmosphere with a hint even on some solemnity. In registration of an interior competent use of mirrors is capable to change the room to unrecognizability.

People of creativity and art should spend long hours of rehearsals in front of mirrors. To give softness and smoothness to the movements, beauty and grace to a body, to fulfill a bearing and was able to operate a facial expression. By means of a mirror it is possible to look at himself eyes of other person. To see themselves it what the others will see you. Long trainings and as result - faultless plasticity and a mimicry of the famous person.

Properties of mirrors and smooth surfaces as well in psychology and medicine are used. Psychologists to the patients having neurosises, experiences and depressions recommend to a thicket to look in mirrors. The last look in a mirror at the person who decided to commit suicide can even stop it and save from a fatal step.

However, except positive aspects, there is also a number of guarding. Scientists of one of institutes in New - York which were engaged in studying influence of mirrors on a human body, found out that if healthy, beautiful, sure to himself, the successful person, spends much time, looking at itself in a mirror, it has a feeling of chronic fatigue and memory worsens.

Often mirrors are used for carrying out magic rituals and healing of diseases. Still famous Paraltses by means of mirrors and manipulations with them cured the sick people coming to him.

Modern scientists prove that even if full healing in front of the mirror and will not come, then the condition of the patient will unambiguously improve. The world of a world behind the looking-glass works on strange system: healthy can lose the health, and here patients - can quite receive healing.

Doctors - oculists did not ignore a mirror and their property the too. Exercises for eyes in front of the mirror perfectly influence a retina and our brain. Eye muscles relax, intraocular pressure is normalized, and indicators of our sight improve.

The Russian scientist, Candidate of Technical Sciences Vitaly Pravdivtsev studying a phenomenon of thin energiya considers that mirrors possess property of memory. They remember and transfer information of subconsciousness of the person who looks in a smooth surface therefore it is necessary to handle with them with care.

As for the Ancient Chinese doctrine the hair dryer - Shui, is devoted to mirrors the whole section here. On the hair dryer - Shui, mirrors - not just interior details, is the power reflectors having property to double everything that is reflected in them.

Experts do not recommend to hang up mirrors in bedrooms. The matrimonial bed or a single bed should not be reflected in them. Mirrors should not “cut off“ reflection of the one who in them looks. If on a mirror the crack, scratch appeared - it is the best of all to get rid of it at once. All smooth surfaces in the house need to be contained in ideal purity, and after any unpleasant event in lives, quarrels or scandal - it is the best of all to wash mirrors. You should not hang up also mirrors opposite to entrance doors.

Besides all this, many national signs and superstitions are connected with mirrors.

Whether to believe in mysterious impact of the world of a world behind the looking-glass on our life or not - business, of course, especially personal. But the longer you peer into a smooth surface, the more distinctly you understand that it is not simple “the subject with the glass or metal polished surface intended for display of what is before it“ as S. I. Ojegov in the dictionary, and something bigger told.