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To men on a note. How to endure news that you will become a father?

from time to time something happens To each man for the first time. At first you for the first time loudly and with insult shout because that the fat midwife roughly seized you by legs and absolutely inconsiderately splashed on a newborn bottom.

Then you for the first time friendly smile to a red plastic rattle, take the first independent step to the first independently broken knee, the first time go to the first and - respectively - to the tenth class … Well, and so on. Generally, almost continuous troubles.

But, unfortunately, it is honest otstradav the gold childhood and rough youth, the man does not obtain any guarantee that from now on all his first times remained in the foggy past. Which - that should be done for the first time and to quite adult, solid people - the truth, with only one difference. No mothers and nurses for some reason hurry to rush at full speed to you to the aid any more, powerfully lisping from affection that - you only think what all - the clever boy! - just for the first time painted lives a cat with blue paint itself also (!) guessed that not gouache, but the most ordinary nitroenamel best of all for this purpose approaches.

More than such warm welcome will not extend to you - you can not doubt. On the contrary - from all directions there will be continuous impartial observers, secret ill-wishers and frank envious persons. Therefore in advance banish all possible scenarios of the adults of “the first raz“ in the head and quietly wait. Perhaps will carry by. But, that though somehow to help with something, I decided to write article - a grant where I tell about one of your numerous “first raz“.

So, you for the first time learned that you will become a father soon .

It is not necessary to exclaim with the lost look: “Cannot be! And you are sure?“ Or nervously to ask it what to do and who is guilty. It is any more its problem, and yours if you were not lucky to wear trousers and to have a shave every morning. And it already executed the biological program.

It is not necessary to report cheerfully that you are familiar with the great doctor who does everything in one day and it is perfect without pain and that you - as the honest person - certainly, are ready to pay this procedure immediately. Your girl will expel you (it at best, at worst will kill). And, it is necessary to tell, will correctly make.

Also to you it is not necessary to run to fry urgently on kitchen fish on sunflower oil. Feels sick pregnant women from fat. From low-fat, however, too. But it at you still ahead.

And it is necessary to pick up with the exulting shout still lyogenky girlfriend on hands and it is trembling to press her to heart. And, in general, from the last strain to represent genuine delight. And however what you still need to do, the poor fellow … Only consider

- what you solved concerning this still invisible child who size from the most microscopic tadpole, (whether you will insist on his immediate elimination or rush off to buy for the future tons of diapers), his future mummy all the same will not forgive you your fluctuations, your uncertainty running an eye and a curve grin in very first and the most responsible for it the moment.

So think three times before emotionally reacting on certainly with anything words, comparable on the destructive power: “Darling, you, apparently, will become a father soon“.