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Whether women are so silly actually?

About us, little fools.

The fact that the male brain weighs 10% more, than ours, does not explain a phenomenon of female nonsense. It is explained by me.

Give frankly. We it is aware that sometimes you, men, think, and happens, and you say about us scurrilous things. No, of course, to sound similar things in the presence of ladies vulgarly and at all not gentlemanlike - it is sure, you so do not do. However it does not change an essence. Here, let us assume, my very good friend, we will call him for conspiracy by Andrey (though actually his name is Pyotr).

I ask it the other day as there Marina, that which jams to it in the companion of life (a name real and consider any coincidence not casual as it was never pleasant to me), and I receive in reply: “Marine normally … But what it all - the silly woman!“, certainly, for decency I am interested in

Ya in symptomatology and I receive quite expected identikit: animated cartoon about a baby mammoth instead of “Avatar“, basic refusal to wear a cap (counterargument: “And why then I was tonsured?“) and psychopathic reaction to the nickname “elephant calf“ (after each such address the girl is locked in a bathroom and on an hour stands idle at a mirror, studying itself in a profile).

You think, I sympathized with Andrey - Petya as his affair with the silly woman Marina spent? At all not. Marina, it is necessary to pay her tribute, though there is no strong wish, - the ingenious girl. And council to them yes love and is more than kids that, here you will see, will be executed word for word. So to what I all this? Certainly, to definition “silly woman“ and to all its derivatives (“little fool“, “durishcha“, “foolish woman“, the nitwit etc.) which upon sound offensively, and in fact - nearly a compliment. No, seriously, “silly woman“ - it sounds is proud, and only very gifted persons receive this rank.

And so, you are surprised, but if a time of the girl and behave inadequately, then at all not from - for deficiency of gray substance (or what there still filled our heads?) . Children`s injuries, PMS, genetically modified products and magnetic storms here too at anything. Matter in you, dear man. Remember: the stranny the girl, the she to you behaves not more indifferently.

Between us girls, it is called “to include the little fool“ (a being silly, but devilishly charming), that is to begin to pretend to be more silly, more weakly, more helplessly, than we are actually. The nature of this phenomenon is up to the end not studied as “little fool“ joins spontaneously, once we see the worthy representative of breed of samtsovy. And than more seriously we are aimed at creation with you the ideal union in gender sense, subjects with big virtuosity and an invention we will mow under silly women.

At all raduzhnost of the concept there is a suspicion that to you, men, sometimes it is necessary with us hardly. It agrees, communication with the silly woman - pleasure on the fan and in general heavy work. Here or it is necessary to have sight “minus 10“, problems with hearing and gutta-percha nerves, or accurately to understand in what occasion this performance is organized. The matter is that on each case of life we have personal “silly woman“.

As you already, probably, understood, our dear men, about a phenomenon at the very beginning of article I told lies to you. How - did not understand? All right, we will consider that I am itself blabbed out. There is no phenomenon of female nonsense, and even at the Massachusetts institute about anything similar did not hear. But there is a female wisdom which prompts to us to behave with you quite so, and not differently.

The main thing that you, having got acquainted with the silly woman, did not go crazy. For pleasure, certainly. We for you try, foolish!