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Whether tourists should come to Qarshi?

Of course cost! It is one of the most beautiful cities of Uzbekistan! In spite of the fact that I was born in Russia, I consider that Uzbekistan my Homeland. And Qarshi - it is my hometown. I live not one decade here, and every year I fall in love with this city more and more, all are stronger, all are stronger.

Qarshi - the regional center of the Kashkadarya region. This city arose in the 14th century near the ancient city of Nesefa (Nakhsheba). Since then Qarshi gradually took the place of this ancient city. Here oddly the civilization and its total absence get on. As soon as you crossed border (more true, a post of GAI with the inscription “Qashqadaryo viloyati“), before you boundless open spaces of fields and the Qarshi steppe will open. Exactly thanks to this “Mirzacho`l“ many of those who were not in our city or were only journey, consider that Qarshi is a big, hot, dusty desert. To dispel this myth, I decided to tell WHAT actually represents this beautiful city.

In the city were born:
Abu Hafs Nadzhm hell - dynes Umar ibn Mahomed of An - Nasafi (1068 - 1142) - theologian and historian.
Bardina, Olga Vasilyevna (1932 - 2001) - opera singer, honored actress of the USSR (1981).
Bakhtiyer Rakhmanov - young and very talented singer. Gulsar Ismailov`s
is an actress of the USSR
of Malik - the singer, the winner of a set of the All-Russian and international competitions.
and many other celebrated personalities.

Qarshi - it is one of the most beautiful cities of the republic, important industrial, cultural and scientific center. It is decorated with unique buildings, monuments and monuments, is pleasing to the eye the prospectuses and boulevards, squares and the areas. In Qarshi historical monuments of XV &ndash are kept; 16th centuries. Today 210 thousand inhabitants live in the city. Qarshi takes the worthy place among the large cities of the country on the production capacity and rates of development. Here meat, flour-grinding, dairy combines, oil-extracting, cotton plants, the large enterprises of building industry and other production objects function. The city has the uchebno - educational institutions, medical, is sports - improving establishments. Many new colleges, lyceums, and also entertainment and sports complexes are constructed.
Now Qarshi and its vicinities are well-known that here the considerable part of gas and oil of Uzbekistan is got. Lands of the region are rich also with other minerals. The Kashkadarya region is also one of the chief suppliers of cotton and grain of the country.
our life is so prompt that there is not always time for just to take a walk in the favourite city. And in Qarshi it is necessary to walk by all means slowly, enjoying beauty of the city. Only this way it is possible to make out all its delights and to understand HOW all - this city is beautiful!!! And in the Kashkadarya region the most tasty tandoor - gusht in the world! I am ready to argue that you will not find better anywhere! Having visited here once, you surely here will return. And you will have again a desire to walk slowly on paths of the city and, of course, once again to try the tandoor - gusht.

our city gets prettier the favourite city every year,
I only admires every year.
Though small, it is under a firmament,
I us tourists even visit.
is wider and more beautiful than the street.
of the House, it became simple not to recognize them.
A if a rain and weather frowns,
it in a cafe can be waited. stadiums saw
A what? Play
in soccer, fight and win.
Athletes too all at us dashing, glorify with
I our Kashkadarya region. than
the Favourite city, be even more beautiful! many anniversaries note
I. than
the Favourite city, be even happier!
On pleasure to us prosper all the time.

(author of the poem D. Hamrayeva)