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What to begin writing of article with?

Will be a question not of how to write article for this website, and how in general to write article.

Any article or a note begins with material &ndash preparation; that is before you sit down at direct writing of article, you select those materials which can be useful to you. Certainly you will need a notebook (the small pocket notebook which can be put in a pocket is better), the handle (it is good if it is attached to a notebook on a string - it will be more difficult for you to lose it) and a dictophone (if preparation of your material is connected with communication with other people. Material for article can become: your notes about any events (for example, the short abstract of action), results of sociological poll, opinion of various people, videos of events, archival materials (old articles, reports on affairs, chronicles, photonewspapers). Article begins with the fact that you define its purpose - what you, actually, are going to tell this article. For example, you want to describe some action, to acquaint the reader with the interesting person or to put a problem. Further it is necessary to define a readership - their approximate age, sphere of their interests. Because, for whom article is designed, depends whether special terms what volume of your article will be will be used. For example, if you write article to the school newspaper, then it is better to decipher and explain reductions like MTD, ChTP - otherwise the reader can not understand you; if you are guided by younger school age, article has to be not long, written in simple, clear language, in it there should not be long and compound sentences. After that style (genre) of article is defined. The same information can be conveyed by means of the simple description, the reporting or interview. The genre in strong degree depends on genres of other articles in the newspaper. If all articles are written in one genre, then will read the newspaper not interestingly. Having defined the purpose, a readership and a genre of article, it is possible to start search and the analysis of material. You should select or prepare that material which is required to you according to your purpose and to transfer it to a necessary genre. You are faced by a problem what to choose a genre.

Genres of articles:
the Information article
the Analytical
the Reporting
the Portrait sketch
of Interview
the Feuilleton

In real practice articles written in a pure genre seldom meet. As a rule, the genre of article is mixed. It can be a portrait sketch or the chronicle in the form of the feuilleton; analytical article with elements of interview and the chronicle. When writing article it is not obligatory to follow rigidly set genre, but it is not necessary to refuse genres too, otherwise there can be a situation when all articles of the newspaper are similar on style at each other, and the newspaper will be read not really interestingly. The genre of article is chosen, now it is quite possible to sit down at writing of article.

Plan of writing of article
1. The heading - has to capture the text essence.
2. The LEAD - the most important and informative part which has to induce the reader to reading of all material. The classical LEAD has to answer five questions - who that, where, when, how? The LEAD has to be short, but clear. The LEAD is a summary of article.
3. Text
4. The conclusion - a logical conclusion of the text

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