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Thriller “Paradise Lake“. What is a tin and with what it is?

All of us guess that on our planet of the good and evil approximately equally. And while we cherish hopes on reasonable, kind, eternal, a dark half does not evaporate with the first beams of the sun at all. Having covered with a screen from beautiful words and false masks of virtue and wellbeing, on light there is a causeless rage. Groundless hatred. And infinite cruelty.

James Watkins`s movie “The paradise lake“ (2008) does not begin with the phrase which stuck on ears “Is founded on real events“. In it there is no need. It is easier to believe in good intentions of alien reason or a friendly ghost of Casper, than to refuse to “The paradise lake“ realism. History of heroes of the movie does not demand proofs: similar things occur regularly, is universal and, by itself, without excess publicity. While one dance and sing, imitating the atmosphere of prosperity, others immensely suffer from despair and pain. And not in forces to glance any progress with its fucking nanotechnologies in dark back streets of human soul.

… The couple of lovers - citizens of the British crown - decided to carry out Wick - and in an environment of picturesque landscapes of rural England. Steve has far-reaching plans, he is going to make the to the companion Jannie, the teacher of elementary grades, the offer of a hand and heart. And the trip on “The paradise lake“, the nice and not up to the end dirtied nature corner, seems to it in the ideal way to carry out the recognition. However not all hikes are equally useful.

On the bank of the marked lake Steve and Jannie face the company of free “flowers of life“. Loutish teenagers behave provocatively and defiantly, but Steve decides to swallow offense. Ahead promising days off, and itself do not want to spoil also future bride mood at all. Especially from - for some juvenile freaks. However the conflict does not die away in a germ. At first children puncture a wheel of the car of Steve, and then at all steal a wheelbarrow, having forced respectable yuppies to walk in the woods on foot.

Steve and Jannie found the car and a teenage gang already in the late afternoon. Little by little, between the man and the ringleader coppers, knifing which victim the favourite dog of Brett fell arose impudent and self-confident Brett. Having jumped in a car, citizens hurried to leave the place of skirmish, without waiting for vengeance, but, alas, dark night and ignorance of roads brought them. Steve appeared in gang hands while Jannie managed to disappear in a thicket. But none of participants of this scene also assumed that next day the local woods will blow up from pain and rage …

So far in our State Duma conduct fierce debate concerning reduction of the threshold of penal age, it would be useful for opponents of the bill to get acquainted with James Watkins`s picture. At last, to vtemyashit to himself in the head that the person, regardless of a floor, religion and age, has to be responsible for the acts always. So far writers and film directors, on the last legs the imagination, invent sophisticated serial maniacs, gluttonous zombies and space monsters, the real, barefaced, indifferent evil lives near us.

Those who still believe in existence of a thin side between the person and an animal will try to find in Watkins`s picture though some film conventions. Like, eternally these city climb in some tmutarakan and look for adventures on the fifth point. And who would doubt that on suburbs of megalopolises the embittered, becoming an inveterate drunkard, worthless people living under laws of the cave world live. Watkins, certainly, finished all circumstances and characters excessively, but wonder whether so seldom similar “extremes“ happen outside your cozy life? Or just authors of the movie stuck us with a nose into dirt which in reality we try not to notice, and having noticed, we bypass for three versts?

Certainly, in something the creator of “The paradise lake“ (Watkins put the movie on own scenario) consciously went too far. In many respects from - for naturalism, a krovavost and cruelty of scenes, the picture did not reach the wide viewer in the majority of the countries. But whether shocking the purpose and means was? I believe that the director perfectly understood that the similar show will be mercilessly suppressed by censorship. Therefore, about any commercial value of the project the speech does not go. The picture unambiguously loses in this plan to other works, with a similar rating and level of violence, like “Hostel“ or “Saw“.

If to rummage in film citing, then closest “relative“ of creation of Watkins to me the known work of American Sam Pekinpy “Straw dogs“, and also the tape Meira Zarqui “Day of the woman“ which is made a copy in 2010 under the name “I Spit on Your Graves“ seems. All these pictures regard as of paramount importance a violence problem in modern society. The main difference of “The paradise lake“ is record-breaking lowered age level of “fiends“.

It is possible to enter, of course, polemic about target audience of a tape. Like, so far one draw conclusions, others adopt. The thinking viewer will see social implication and a moral message, cattle - an example for imitation. In it and danger of the similar projects which are on the verge of legal. They can cause irritation, disgust, interest and even to acquire the cult status, but seldom appear in oblivion. Badly or well, but extreme conditions of human essence cause so versatile and opposite opinions in public.

It is asked whether it is worth paying money for viewing of what you with ease will find in tons on Youtube? It would seem, why the hell to shoot similar film if in reality we face it daily? Roughness, rudeness, aggression in certain sectors of society do not cause rejection at all. It is a standard of behavior. On this subject authors of the movie have the certain opinion - “Like father like son“. And when we see parents of the “bad people“ who arranged bloody hunting for tourists, at us any doubts on this subject disappear.

Rectilinearly? Yes, can be. But look back to yourself and the environment. How often you hurry with a happy physiognomy to deal with the company of drunk teenagers under a window of your bedroom? Or you walk late evening on the area, without jumping aside at the sight of the company of youth with beer bottles in a hand? You will tell still that, gathering in a campaign, you habitually put a bat in a luggage carrier to play at a leisure baseball?

And still the picture falls short of a rank of “revelation“ also the reason on that is. In - the first, from - for violations of probability theory that forces warring parties to face constantly foreheads in allegedly boundless wood. In - the second, because of one-sided study of characters. Watkins too clearly divided the world on black and white, without having left uniform chance to doubt motivation and acts of both positive, and negative characters.

In conclusion I will tell only that “The paradise lake“ became the quite good base in career of all main participants of the project. Kelly Riley (Jannie`s) actress became Mrs. Watson in a dilogy about Sherlock Holmes subsequently. Michael Fassbender strengthened the situation and soon moved to Hollywood for shootings at Tarantino in “Inglourious Basterds“. And Watkins still not bad lives. Its last project - the sensational thriller “The Woman in Black“ with the updated Daniel Radcliff`s image.