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How to live an instant with advantage?

“Are only an instant between the past and future, it is called life …“ - is quite so sung in the famous song. It is truth - as an axiom in geometry which should not be proved. What it is possible to compare an instant to? Just blink eyes. It`s a go. This instant already in the past, and you it lived.

When you realize, as lived this instant, that it managed to make what to leave behind - becomes more interesting to live, and life seems more consciously. It is peculiar “osoznavalka“ for consciousness, gymnastics for mind.

Let`s try to think of what is an instant. Secunda can be considered so: “Time and“. And so, the instant is only “once“ or “and“. During the instant it is possible to make a lot of things. It is possible to think or not to think at all. It is possible to lift dumbbells or to lower them. It is possible to leave or fall in love. It is possible to finish or keep life. It is possible to be upset or be glad. Look what infinite number of affairs can be made only for one instant. Life consists of such constant MiG, and it is necessary to live them with advantage, first of all, for himself. What for this purpose it is necessary?

1. At first realize that it is your life. Every instant, which you live, - is exclusive your , and belongs only to you. As you it will live, and your life will be such.

2. Think (and the thought is primary) what life and instant you wish to see - in gray and sad tones or light and bright. Proceeding from it define whom color there will be your instant.

3. You remember, a pleasure instant - always bright and light. Color of this instant at everyone different: gold, yellow, orange, red, pink...

4. Fill the instant with positive action. If you are surprised, raise eyebrows. And if you rejoice, do it with a smile. Pleasure - the emotion inherent in an instant, and a smile - already action.

5. Actions can be more solidly. It is worth signing the treaty of mutual assistance with pleasure and a smile. With pleasure and a smile to finish negotiations. With pleasure and a smile to begin the new project. Pay attention - it is only an instant of your life, and it is filled already with one emotion and two actions. Not aimless.

6. Live every instant with pleasure and a smile. You remember, pleasure - emotion which to itself attracts everything: good luck, success, good mood, money, positive emotions, friends, fun.

7. Analyse the lived instant and understand where a gap. Improve a new instant. And here it is impossible to change what already came true. The lived instant, second, minute, hour, day etc. are not subject to an exchange and return. Think of it.

The person in the life makes everything consistently. Do not believe that women can do at the same time several things, is a lie. Before raising a finger, the person at first thinks that he wants to lift it, and then does. Therefore councils are a guide to action. Councils for filling and improvement of an instant of life as it is impossible are simple and feasible, the main thing - to have desire to adhere to them.

They will help to diversify life, to decorate it in different tone, to give various shades. Your rapid instant and your beautiful life in your own hands also depends only on you. Good luck!