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Why the man should have many girlfriends?

Any person wants much in this world … There is a wish to be healthy all life and to be pleasant to others as long as possible. There is a wish tasty every day and pleasant all day long. There is a wish to sleep well and to warm up muscles in the pleasure.

If to assume that the man - too the person, then his normal terrestrial desires look not so surprising. And since the earliest childhood: from mother of one there is a wish, from the grandmother - the second, from nurses with teachers from kindergarten - the third … So since the childhood and the desirable from women only for itself was moved to take

from the man, darling. Especially as the concept “opposite sex“ as well as possible justified and still justifies any actions of the man concerning women.

In the childhood he thrashed little girls and pulled braids - tails. Found out a bit later that is at them under a skirt … Only having become sensitive polovozrely, only also thought of reproduction with all women without analysis “right now“ and one minute later.

Having almost matured, added one more purely man`s desire - “to have“ the woman already figuratively to resistant desire to breed: “Let the woman serves herself, pays for everything and does not ask anything“.

Women “give“?. Here and let give. And we, men, will prevail … Let`s take - we will not refuse! Will offer additives - too we will not refuse. Women will begin to bristle up - we will force.

“The men who almost matured“ often do not mature for the rest of the natural, oddly perceiving our world. Women in their images - continuous misunderstanding, a source of inspiration and the reason of all troubles … Generally, anything serious!

Adult men perfectly understand that in life occurs. And adequately treat women as representatives of “opposite sex“. Sometimes to great representatives. But most often - just to women.

The man is thirsty, to eat, sleep, work, have a rest … The man wants to live! That more interestingly and more cheerfully was to the man and the woman that really it was possible to live together, but not to survive, the man has requirements to women. And these requirements all are well-known - there is no need to repeat.

There is a need to understand to women that they are taken only in fellow travelers. Ideal option - equal partners, on condition of the valid equality. Not wishes, but requirement of equality! The woman has to be “in - the first“, “in - the second“ … And “in - the third“, and “in - the tenth“.

The clever woman wants to be happy with the adult man and does everything possible for this purpose - tries to be to him the real girlfriend. To it it is not shameful to fulfill all requirements of the man. Or, at least, to try to carry out - much should study in life.

To drive round dances with “both the men, and women who almost matured“?. God forbid! Not life, but drudgery: infinite showdowns and pulling of a scanty blanket on instead of pleasure of communication with each other.

Yes! All want to live well … If not absolutely clever and sensible woman in the form of the wife “got“ to the normal man, then missing it is possible to gather additionally on the party. In it there is nothing bad. The only problem is a discomfort of conspiracy. Or disappointment of “appearance failure“.

The full-fledged woman (in man`s understanding, of course) - rather unusual occurrence. If the world of the man was narrowed to the one and only woman who since the childhood watched for the prince round the corner or who in 25 years still sleeps embracing a teddy bear, then it is a pity for this poor fellow. And there is a wish to wish it: “Look for the woman! But if there is any more no opportunity to look for, fill free niches - have many girlfriends“.