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Profession model: Whether all is so simple?

In this article will be a question of a profession easy at first sight - the model.
In the childhood many little girls dream to become same beautiful as smart “aunts“ from pages of fashionable magazines. And growing up, get desire to make a personal portfolio. The new generation begins to collect a collection of photos years from ten. And there is no wonder, because it is more and more glossy magazines, and plus to it, Tyra Banks from “A top - model on - it is American“, showing the skills and photos, infects with enthusiasm. When you observe
from outside - all it seems easily and simply. You sit and think: “Its nature awarded with model appearance and ability to smile lovely - and what pay it for? Same not work, but entertainment! Everything is so easy!“. But the opinion sharply changes when you feel on the place of the model under a sight of a professional camera of the real master of the business.
So happened also to me …
the First day on a shooting stage I was as the observer. Dasha and Larisa were models. Watching Dasha`s work, the tranquility, but at the same time passion and nervousness was felt. At once it is visible that to it not for the first time and she knows what needs to be done. And here when started Larisa … Here - that thoughts also got: “Well, unless it is difficult? Well as it is possible to clog on such elementary task?“ and other … Models alternated … Dasha, Larisa, again Dasha etc. And I was lucky that the spirit and the majority of impressions remained from Dasha who accurately performed the work. And, having followed an example of it, I decided not to be capricious too at all.
Here also came the second day - day of my debut shooting. Having inspired by what was seen yesterday, came positively adjusted, with the girlfriend Camila as moral support. Thought up an image and forward - to pose on the road. By the way, one of qualities which the model has to possess - ability to adapt that can mean a lot of things: to pose on the road and on which there is a movement, or to change clothes and correct a make-up where also many other things is necessary ….
during shooting were different feelings: fear, especially fear of cars, fun, in the end the fatigue but pleasant and of course happiness that the wish of the little girl was fulfilled. And thanks to the girlfriend that on shooting there were no gloomy eyes, and a continuous positive! I think, all models taking once part in a photoshoot will agree with me. Sometimes it is necessary to be photographed the whole day in odd heavy dresses, to go (and sometimes even to jump and run) high-heeled, to accept inconvenient poses...

Sometimes happens and so:
“show me pain“
“show me love“
“show me passion“
and having washed away cosmetics - nothing except emptiness...

As a result I want to tell that to be model is a work literally of this word. Everything is not so simple! And it strongly differs from: “Oh, as I like to be photographed!“ and real shooting for the magazine. To smile when you want to cry or be serious when there is a wish to laugh is and there is a work of model. and not all can cope with it. And those who can get used to a role for only a few seconds are worthy admiration because it is really difficult. Serves as a consolation the fees though is not present, it is not simple a consolation, and huge incentive. At models everything, up to a smile is fulfilled and it is great that they know the business and transfer to the audience a storm of emotions and a positive!