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Why creators kill the creation? “I you generated

, I also will kill you...“ Quite often we can hear these words in movies from the parent or the inventor when his child or creation disappoints him. But why it occurs? Perhaps from - for the fact that there was a desperate situation. … Whether there are circumstances from which there is no exit? It is possible to argue long, but now not on it …
All saw movies or read stories (poems, novels, etc.) in which the main character perishes at the end.
“Playwrights happen either bad, or good. The first write bad plays, the second do not write plays“ . (Gitri`s fistula). Let`s take, for example, “Romeo and Juliette“. At them everything was good, but why Shakespeare decided “to get rid“ of them play soy at the end. In the movie “Titanic“ of James Cameron poor Leonardo DiCaprio (more true, his hero) perishes, having frozen in ice water. What, it was so difficult to rescue it? Leaving movie theaters after viewing of the movie, many had deposit at heart from viewing. And every time looking through this all the favourite movie again and again, you think that by some miracle this time he will survive. In movies “Gladiator“, “Armageddon“, “I Am a Legend“ the main characters perish, fighting for a right cause or rescuing our planet. Let`s take series “Escape from Prison“. The cool movie, is thought very well over. You have a rest when viewing. Only four seasons. The best - the first season, and then every season - is felt not a grasp of that highlight which was at the very beginning of series. And at the end Michael Skorfild personifying the main character perishes. And you stupidly sit and look at the screen, wait for continuation, and in the head to turn one question “All perhaps?“ . All favourite movie “Harry Potter“. Everything was promised us or frightened us by the fact that Garik will die at the end of the last series. So millions of fans of the movie did not want to trust in it. Even many, without waiting for the television version, bought books. And for a dessert I will cite as an example, the children`s fairy tale “Kolobok“. Even it, the harmless, cheerful, fervent character is eaten by a cunning fox. And so it is interesting why creators so like to kill the creation? Perhaps because there are no ideas any more and the muse left or they think that they can bother the people with the same character? And the reason not in it can? Perhaps the author considers that the bad, that is sad, unhappy end of history of his hero(es) is remembered better, than banal hepp - enda where everything how in the fairy tale, lived long and happily and died in one day? Though as Oscar Wilde spoke “Someone else`s dramas are always insufferably banal“. Or because the audience and readers just likes to cry when viewing movies or when reading works with the unhappy end? Here authors also try from - for all forces, adding more sentimentality to the works? “Give to public what it wants, and it will tumble down crowd“. (Harry Kohn, film magnate). “It is accepted to glorify the playwright able to take tears. This talent also the most pathetic bulb has“. (Heinrich Heine).
A can after all, all these stories not fictional, and are taken from real life, and the author wants to honor with the narration memory of those who tragicly died and who are not present near us any more?

What life, such and stories... Therefore I wish all stories only with the happy end.