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Buranovsky grandmothers and Eurovision of 2012. Victory or total failure?

representatives of Russia on the Eurovision 2012 “Buranovsky grandmothers“ returned on March 10th to native Udmurtia. At station Agryz grandmothers were waited by the whole delegation into which the Chief of staff of the reception President of Russia, the President of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Institute of strategy of development of the region“ Svetlana Smirnova, journalists and relatives of grandmothers entered. And on the small platform near recreation center they were met by residents of the village and just friends - under loud sounds of a school orchestra. There prepared hot refurnaces for their arrival.

- “Grandmothers“ really need rest, - Maria Tolstukhina, the assistant and the producer of stars says. - Now till May they will live in rehearsals, will prepare for performance in Azerbaijan.

Collective which will present Russia on “the Eurovision - 2012“ still are in a state of shock from the victory. Know a little about the final of a competition of the Grandmother. Like, then all and so will be told. But dream that allowed to act as it in national suits and bast shoes. They also recognize that they are afraid of journalists who can ask questions which they will not be able to answer. But all the same cannot read anything that write about them in Russia, Europe and the world - and not only because do not know English - in the village of Buranovo there is no Internet.

- In Moscow everything so in a hurry was, so quickly that we even did not manage to ask - as we will go there where we will live so it is a little terrible. But nothing, we will cope. The main thing that pressure did not jump, - smiles one of “Buranovsky grandmothers“.

- I will not go so far! - severely Natalya Pugacheva, the smallest and, perhaps, cheerful of singers told. - I have pressure, grandsons and a kitchen garden.
- As it you will not go? - with astonishment Galina Koneva asked. - And how we without you will sing? I do not want to know nothing, it is necessary, means - we will go! The main thing that health was, we will cope with all the rest.

At the end - the ends, the grandmother Natasha agrees. Her husband wanted to go with it - the grandfather Afanasy Afanasyich “He at me very much loves “Eurovision“, very much he dreamed that I went there! We live with it fifty seven years...“

- hurts Nothing us, we drink tabletochka, doctors registered, everything is good, - Galina Nikolaevna explained. - Only there is a wish to sleep very much. When “Eurovision“ was, we an hour have only a sleep. Then at all not before became. So much that even head around. When we were brought to a scene, I could understand nothing. - Perhaps wanted to scold, or perhaps winners should be congratulated. I as if hardened, I hear, our names are told. Here only also understood that we took the first place.

The most senior of “Buranovsky grandmothers“ Natalya Pugacheva hurries in rural recreation center. Now, when preparation for the final of “Eurovision“ began, every day the well-known pevuniya are painted literally on minutes: to be in time on rehearsal, to take measurements for new suits, to communicate to journalists. On a scene and in the hall work all day long is humming.
is Two hours old - classes in a vocal, then as much lessons of choreography and at last run of number with which statement soloists are helped by teachers from Moscow. Grandmothers, before never being engaged with professional musicians, it is patient now as young schoolgirls, study scenic receptions.

“They are the real actresses, we have a full mutual understanding. Grandmothers also listen, and actively help us to create the updated number“, - the director of entertaining broadcasting of Russia 1 TV channel praises.
On a scene only grandmothers and their well-known song, for the rest, open a secret directors, number will differ from what was seen by the Russian TV viewers: during performance there will be the real furnace, and soloists will treat the audience with national Udmurt pastries. The word Europeans in several minutes performance of grandmothers lasts so far will have to plunge into the original atmosphere of the Russian remote place.
will have to surprise suits Even more: for finalists they are sewed on ancient technologies.

After the end of rehearsals all go home where each participant of collective has the economy. Transformation of actresses in ordinary rural grandmothers happens literally in the eyes.
“ Yes we are ordinary grandmothers. Here we will feed a goat and we will collect testicles“, - the soloist of folklore ensemble “Buranovsky Grandmothers“ Galina Koneva assures. Houses behind performance of “Buranovsky grandmothers“ will hurt not only numerous relatives, but also all fellow countrymen - in the native village them the most devoted admirers who do not doubt that grandmothers will come back home with a victory.

“Eurovision“ “Buranovsky grandmothers“ covered the distance from a scene of rural recreation center to the largest European song contest for three with small years. Ahead also the final is a little more rehearsals. The folklore collective from Udmurtia will present Russia to Baku already on May 26.

So who they are, these mysterious “Buranovsky grandmothers“?
“ Buranovsky grandmothers“ - folklore collective from the village of Buranovo (the Malopurginsky district of Udmurtia). Became known for rehashes in the Udmurt language of hits of the Russian and foreign performers - for example, Victor Tsoi`s songs, Beatles, Deep Purple and others.
B ensemble will present to 2012 Russia at the competition “Eurovision - 2012“ to Baku (Azerbaijan). By results of selection round they won against competitors, having sung the song “Party for Everybody“ in the Udmurt language in which refrain there are words in English. The collective from Udmurtia outstripped Dima Bilan and Yulya Volkova`s duets, and also the Aida and Timati (they, respectively, occupied 2 and 3 places).

It was the second attempt of “Buranovsky grandmothers“ to get on “Eurovision“. In 2010 the collective participated in the Russian selection round with the song “Long - Long Birch Bark and how to Make of It Ayshon“, but then Pyotr Nalich was ahead of them.
Ensemble was created more than 40 years ago. For the first time he began to act with perepevka in the Udmurt language in 2008. At the bottom of the native language in the Udmurt philharmonic hall of the grandmother sang Boris Grebenshchikov and Victor Tsoi`s famous songs in the Udmurt language. In October, 2011 mass media wrote that “Buranovsky grandmothers“ created a furor in Cannes where they spoke at opening of “The Russian house“.
Long shirts with direct sleeves, dressing gowns (actually, a dress), the removable bibs reminding kitchen aprons, and a belt - are that national Udmurt suits in which “Buranovsky grandmothers“ act. Suits were made manually about 25 years ago. Standing grandmothers - knitted stockings and bast shoes. The main ornament - a necklace - a necklace from silver leaflets or silver coins.

Structure of collective (the age of participants is specified as of March, 2012):

Natalya Yakovlevna Pugachyova (76 years) of Valentin Semyonovn Pyatchenko`s
(74 years) of
Ekaterina Semyonovna Shklyaeva (74 years) of
Galina Nikolaevna Koneva (73 years) of
Zoya Sergeyevna Dorodova (71 years) of
Faceting Ivanovn Baysarov (62 years) of
Alevtina Gennadyevna Begisheva (according to different data, from 53 to 56 years)
Besides, is also included into collective Elizabeth Filippovna Zarbatova (86 years), but she does not participate in tour performances and on “the Eurovision - 2012“ will not act.
the Artistic director of Buranovsky Grandmothers ensemble - Olga Nikolaevna Tuktaryova (43 years).

Winners of national selection round of “Eurovision“ - collective from Udmurtia“ Buranovsky grandmothers“ - prepare for the final. It will pass on May 26 in Baku. “Grandmothers“ are helped by the best specialists in a vocal, choreographers and directors. As envisioned, number has to turn out unusual: not just the song, and the whole performance from life of the Russian remote place. Even scenic suits to original actresses are sewed by restorers on ancient technology.

Rehearsals of Buranovsky Grandmothers to the competition Eurovision take place twice a day: with vocal teacher and with the choreographer. For a competition Sergey Shirokov, the director of entertaining broadcasting of Russia 1 TV channel is engaged in statement of number. As IzhLife became known, on a scene skills of housekeeping will be useful to Grandmothers - directly during performance of the performer will bake refurnaces! At the beginning of a song of the grandmother will put in the furnace a frying pan with refurnaces, and at the end will get them with a heat about a heat already ready. “Present that you prepare the most tasty refurnaces in the world, bear them as something the most precious“, - Sergey Shirokov makes recommendations.

As well as with Sergey Shirokov, “Buranovsky grandmothers“ are familiar with the choreographer Natalya Sultanova two years. She is a teacher of the known children`s staff of “Domisolka“ with whom pevun from Udmurtia more than once together acted. “We with grandmothers found a common language long ago. Though sometimes with them it is necessary not easy: they take all new painfully, but then understand that nobody advises anything bad to them, and all do as it is necessary. This time my task - to place accents in number, to fill it with life“, - Natalya Sultanova comments.

Also Armen Pogosyan got to work with representatives of Russia vocal teacher. The native village “Buranovsky grandmothers“ will be left at the beginning of May. At first in Moscow will rehearse in suits and scenery and only then will go to Baku where preparation for the competition Eurovision starts on May 13th.

Having celebrated Easter, “Buranovsky grandmothers“ continued the preparation for the Eurovision today. To Buranovo from Moscow there come vocal teachers, costumiers. According to ESCKAZ, on “Eurovision“ “Buranovsky grandmothers“ will act in the ancient homespun red dresses. But also the replaceable clothes will be necessary, at the end of May in Baku there will be a heat. Grandmothers solved - not concert dresses have to be Udmurt too. Invited the expert from Small Snowstorm Tatyana Moskvina. She knows all about the Udmurt dress. Tatyana Nikitichna to each grandmother will sew
on two suits. “The Udmurt dress is self-sufficient. Anything there is no superfluous. And each detail speaks about something“, - the restorer on fabrics of the first category of the Udmurt museum graphic arts Tatyana Moskvina says.

While grandmothers carefully chose styles and fabrics, to them correspondents from China and Finland glanced. Grandmothers already so got used to guests that they in a moment set the table: pastries, Easter eggs. “Well, and we on the way are often. When we come, we are est hochy. And we understand it very much, visitors of people“, - the participant of Buranovsky Grandmothers collective Galina Koneva notes.

Guests were surprised to the fact that they despite constant tours of the grandmother remain the real countrymen. Here and now worry, they will go at the beginning of May to Baku and as a kitchen garden. “Onions we will be, carrot and the others a trifle … Everything should be put. Maybe we will be in time, but do not know what will be. God as will give weather“, - the participant of collective Natalya Pugacheva plans. And weather on - a tikhonechka is adjusted: the sun burns, snow thaws. “Buranovsky grandmothers“ cannot rejoice. Speak if further and so goes, then they before departure to Baku will manage even to plant potato.

Very soon to “Buranovsky grandmothers» there will arrive tutors from Moscow. Prior to the beginning of “the Eurovision of 2012“ there are one and a half months and pensioners begin active rehearsals. Fans, friends and relatives of performers, nevertheless, do not cease to fill up grandmothers with letters and offers.

“Recently our neighbor transferred the poem to me. Speaks, composed chastushkas for “Buranovsky grandmothers“. Suggested to sing them from a scene!“ - the soloist of Buranovsky Grandmothers group Galina Koneva shares with the press. In the poem it is said about how grandmothers from Udmurtia managed to win against all the priest - singers, and, except pensioners, nobody will be able to win a victory on “Eurovision“.

On the coming week to the Udmurt village of Buranovo there will arrive tutors from Moscow. Together with them pensioners will put number and more carefully to rehearse the song. Despite the statements of grandmothers which were heard earlier they will not learn Azerbaijani, considering that several basic phrases and expressions quite have to be enough.

“To learn the main thing “hi“ and “thanks“. When we get into the train, and we will learn“, - already above-mentioned Galina Nikolaevna Koneva declared.

Today it is known that not only admirers, but also various collectives and the museums are interested in “Buranovsky grandmothers“. For example, Bazarno`s museum - Karabulaksky district of the Saratov region addressed with the letter pensioners in which it asked to send to the museum couple of bast shoes which will become exhibits of a thematic exhibition.

In spite of the fact that performers showed willingness to carry out rehearsals to Buranovo, to pensioners everything is it is necessary to go to Moscow before “the Eurovision of 2012“. There will take place dress rehearsals and the last of preparation for a competition. Approximately on May 13 performers will already be in Baku. The semi-final will take place on May 22. If pensioners are accompanied by good luck, then 26 - go numbers they will be able already to enter the competition final.

“The song which we chose for a competition, very dynamic. At first we were against because generally Udmurt songs differ in the melody, but our song, purely Udmurt, would not sustain such serious competition, - Olga Tuktareva considers, - However the composer Victor Drobysh somehow skillfully used our national tunes in combination with modern impregnations then the song began to be pleasant to us“.

The composer and the co-producer of “Buranovsky grandmothers“ Victor Drobysh on a press - conferences in RBC reported that he treats with humour to charges of copying of a melody, but is revolted with all campaign against elderly participants of the main European competition of bottoms - songs, developed by some Russian mass media. Drobysh considers that “Grandmothers“ have every chance to be noticed on “Eurovision“. It is not excluded that further “Grandmothers“ can perform at the Olympic Games in Sochi, to become the Russian analog of Deep Forest or “to let pass“ to other similar collectives.

“Changes in the song any will not be. Grandmothers will sing alive, grandmothers sing very well alive, both can, and sing. By the way, in their sound, intonation and even if at them is, for someone, easy falsity, then it just and is that tone which has to be present at this song. I just least of all worry on this subject in spite of the fact that grandmothers had some sbivka. We did not write with
to them play - back because there was very short period. Also believe, at this age it is heavy to remember, and I made by it some beating and placed some points: “This, this and it“ that they did not mix, did not disperse anywhere because it for the young professional actor and that is difficult, and it was difficult for them still from - for what the song - that we up to the end completed nearly in 2 - 3 days. Now they have vocal teacher who is engaged not so much with them in a vocal how many he just is engaged in studying of this song because they have to bring it to automatism“, Victor Drobysh noted.

V. Drobysh is skeptical about prospects of “Eurovision“. According to the producer, competition does not give to winners of accurate prospects what the fleeting glory of Alexander Rybak speaks about. In protection of respectable age of the wards V. Drobysh told that on “Eurovision“ people of all age are worthy to hang out, besides appearance of such participants can be the good social program which will help to change the relation of society to problems of elderly.
From other contestants the producer marked out the representative from Sweden.

However, according to V. Drobysh, excessive artificiality can do much harm to statement, Grandmothers have to show to advantage under natural conditions:

“ The Second channel, specifically Sergey Shirokov is engaged in statement of number, and I think that he will make everything beautifully and well. And my personal opinion not to force them to do at all what they did not do earlier, that is all their movements have to be from their life. And still it is necessary to simplify as much as possible a task because it seems to me that their force in their spontaneity.
Spoke they at selection in real national rural clothes, I heard options that vozmozhnabout it Simachev will make something on suits. I do not undertake to judge, judge it is possible after when something is made. It seems to me, it is necessary to try everything, to look - the main thing that the channel which is the head of this project made the correct decision. My decision - it has to be as close as possible to an oven which it will be undoubted on a scene“.
In the Russian day on Eurovision. Buranovsky Grandmothers collected by tv more than 1000 “likes“ on the official site of the competition Eurovision. Probably, you should not remind that their video is the looked most through on official Youtube the channel of a competition. Interest of the press in Buranovsky Grandmothers also does not run low. “Happens, there come about seven journalists in day at once. There were English journalists, American, German, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, - lists a press - the secretary of Buranovsky grandmothers Svetlana Syrygina. - We wait for members of the media of France, Japan, Great Britain, Germany next week. But we try not to tire our actresses - in “sacred days“, Saturday and Sunday, it is impossible to disturb them“.

A bath, physical work and a shtudirovaniye of English - at “Buranovsky grandmothers“ the recipe of preparation for “Eurovision“, however the planned schedule are constantly broken by journalists. They come in hitherto nobody the unknown village from around the world. Members of the media of the actress are met by a hospitable table - yet will not feed, interviews do not give. Hospitality - one of bargaining chips of the Udmurt grandmothers. About it and their competitive song which name is translated into Russian as “A party for all“.

“Let`s surely bake pies and we will treat with them participants of a competition“, - grandmothers promise. To Baku they will go with the furnace. However, not real, but decorative. It will be taken out on a scene during performance. As sets Dima Bilan`s example, presence at a performance of “highlight“ repeatedly increases chances of success. As for a scenic image, here grandmothers stake on naturalness and natural charm.

Instead of expensive suits from the famous fashion designers - the national dresses which got by inheritance from mothers and grandmothers. Instead of diamonds - necklaces from ancient coins. Instead of extravagant hairdresses - a bright scarf. Even lipstick on a scene for orthodox grandmothers from Udmurtia is not admissible.

In a semi-final on May 22 the ensemble will act at number 14. Are not afraid of rivals of the actress - they just know nothing about them. The Internet in the village is only at school. The western press wanted to marry off buranovsky grandmothers to one more elderly contestant - 75 - the summer singer from Great Britain Engelbert Hamperdink, but the Russian actresses cannot learn his difficult name in any way. And why to grandmothers of a lavstora, when on eight at them nearly 70 children, grandsons and great-grandsons. With such support group no competitors are terrible!