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What for the beauty became a prototype of the song “Oh, Pretty Woman“? To birthday of Roy Orbison

As soon as you hear the first steps of this composition and crown “r - r - r“ then before eyes there is the next fantastic Hollywood story about “interclass“ love between rich “prince“ performed by Richard Gere and “Cinderella“ - the prostitute performed by Julia Roberts.

It is sure that now many know that the song “Oh, Pretty Woman“ which presented the name to the well-known movie “Beauty“ was written by the man in black glasses by the name of Roy Orbison. But precisely not everyone knows that this hit - far semifresh, and is written down even in 1964.

The way to Roy Orbison`s glory began also that earlier. The native of Texas which is famous at the beginning of the XX century for oil fields quite could become the geologist as whom our hero also began to study. However in parallel he did not forget to poigryvat in the most various groups (Roy began local public statements 8 more - the summer boy).

And here in 1955 during study in the city with the name Odessa (there are enough cities - doubles in the USA), it bought from the fellow students U. Moore and D. Penner a song with is characteristic the foolish name “Ooby Dooby“ and sent it to listening to the director of Sun and trustee firm of a rising star of Elvis Presley - to Sam Phillips. Phillips gave a green light, having told that this song so idiotic that is doomed to become popular. And the song really got to a hit - parade, and Roy became next “baby bird“ fate - N - a beater.

Later, during tours with ROLLING STONES, Jagger podnachit Roy: “But it is not weak to you to sing the worst song at a concert?“. Roy answered what is not weak, and is valid, executed at the end of performance... “Ooby Dooby“. And here ROLLINGI were afraid and did not make the reciprocal course.

Despite the first success, to Orbison bothered to work under Phillips`s wing because that forced it to sing vigorous fate - N - beaters, and Roy felt internal thirst for sad touching ballads.
After withdrawal from “Sun“ Orbison some time knocked about, and the next success had indirectly. Its song “Claudette“ devoted to the bride - to the beauty Claudette Fredi, was taken on the single by eminent EVERLY BROTHERS.

Break took place only in 1960 when it at last realized the ballad talent, having executed “Only The Lonely“ (“Only loneliness“). Here - that all also found out that the modest ordinary-looking guy has a voice - that nearly in three octaves. Soon Orbison began to call “Caruso of fate“.

Surprisingly and the fact that, singing songs, Roy so poorly moved lips that it seemed that he lip-synches. Sounds as if were not drunk from a throat, and flew from depth.
Besides in respect of performances Orbison was purer than our Butusov - just there was as driven also all. This manner was even parodied in one of show by the actor John Belushi. Dressed as Orbison in all black, it fell during execution “Oh, Pretty Woman“, but at the same time did not cease to play the guitar while the group of admirers put it on legs.

However, despite not fate - N - rollny appearance and more than modest show, Orbison all the same fascinated public by the songs and voice. During tours in 1963 together with BEATLES when across England “Beatlemania“ stormed, the impudent Liverpool four tried to persuade Roy to act at the beginning. Roy acted so that the crowd called him encore so many time that the frightened “Beatles“ held Orbison by hands, cynically whispering: “Yankee, go home!“.

Write that during these tours Roy lost the points with dioptries, and dressed sun-protection Ray Ban “Wayfarer“. Since then, black glasses became invariable attribute of image of Orbison, having given necessary it is tragic - romantic mysteriousness for the performer of tearful ballads.

And they flowed from Orbison like water. The song “Crying“ which in 1961 borrowed 1 - e the place in England and 2 - e - in the USA was one of the most successful.

He however and about perky did not forget fate - N - beaters, the most known them which became... yes... “Oh, Pretty Woman“ (Oh, beauty).

“Beatles“ mentioned that he, allegedly, wrote this song to time of those tours, and they responded to it to “From Me To You“. But the official version looks a little differently.
Sat somehow Roy and his coauthor Bill Diz in the house Orbisonov and tried to compose something. And here Roy`s wife - Claudette - decided how speak now, to “poshopitsya“. The husband asked whether money is necessary to it on what Bill burst in a compliment: “Pretty woman never needs any money“ supposedly “If the woman beautiful, money is not necessary to it“. Roy right there picked up idea and began to sing “Pretty woman walking down the street...“ (“The beauty goes down the street …“) . When Claudette returned with purchases, the song was already written. By the way, in the movie of the same name it also accompanies a scene of “shopping“.

Roy said that the good song is written quickly, and over mediocre it is necessary to work long. “Oh, Pretty Woman“ was the good song therefore in a week it was written down, and in a week - in August, 1964 - it already left on a single. Orbison was the only worthy competitor of BEATLES again, and a single, despite Beatles “occupation“ of charts, won first place both in Britain and in America. In 5 months 7 million copies of a plate were sold.

Unfortunately, “Oh, Pretty Woman“ became the last large hit of Orbison for long time. The muse of this song was soon convicted of incorrectness, and at the end of 1964. Roy divorced Claudette. However, for a while. When in August, 1965 Orbison drove on the motorcycle and broke a leg, Claudette visited him in hospital, and old offenses were forgotten. Couple got married again, but also reunion lasted not for long.

This time ways of family happiness were followed by a terrible tragedy. On July 6, 1966 now Claudette had an accident, having faced truck during a trip on the same accursed motorcycle. In an hour after collision she died on Roy`s hands...
, probably, seemed to Destiny it a little, and two years later in time the fire two of three sons of the singer perish...

It is difficult to present that Roy worried at this time, but he did not fall, and, on the contrary, plunged into tours though he very long did not write new songs. Roy began to smoke much (subsequently this habit will send him to the grave), and his state began to recover only after acquaintance to Barbara who became his second wife.

1970 - e Roy spent years quite imperceptibly though many groups became famous for covers on his song. For example, the hit of NAZARETH group of 1975 “Love Hurts“, known at our listener (“The love is an illness“) - no other than a perepevka of composition of Orbison.

Roy began to come out of the shadow at the end of 1970 - x. He publishes new songs, receives “Grammy“, together with colleagues writes down the “Roy Orbison and Friends, Chyorno - the White Nights“ video program removed in style of the beginning 1960 - x and on a b/w film.

In 1986 its song “In Dreams“ of 1963 receives “rebirth“ in D. Lynch`s thriller “A blue velvet“. It is necessary to tell, the fact that the director used the song without demand moreover and made it favourite composition of the psychopath, at first revolted the author, but then it began to treat it more quietly.

By the way, “In Dreams“ perfectly illustrates one more feature of creativity of Orbison - a non-standard of creation of songs. Roy often broke a cliche “a couplet - a refrain - thrashing“, and “In Dreams“ in general constructed from 7 - mi not repeating (!) melodious parts, thus that the song lasted less than 3 - x minutes.

In 1987. Roy Orbison include in “The hall of glory fate - N - a beater“. During this ceremony Bruce Springsteen admits: “I wanted to write down the song with Bob Dylan`s verses and music similar to Phil Spector, but most of all in the life I wanted to sing as Roy Orbison. Now all know that nobody will sing as Roy Orbison“. 1988 the new album “Mystery Girl“ with an excellent hit “You Got It“ was ready
K, but Roy Orbison found “the second wave“ of success for a while.

On December 6, 1988 he together with sons started radio-controlled planes (the singer was the real champion in this sphere), then came to mother, felt badly and died of heart attack. To mad success to / f “Beauty“ remained only two years...