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We choose an aquarium. What it has to be?

“What has to be an aquarium?“ - a question not idle. The overwhelming number of the beginning aquarians are not informed at all on how the sizes, forms and that is important, proportions of an aquarium influence the general condition of future underwater garden.

Quite often they use spherical aquariums . I want to notice that at all the appeal, such aquariums are not suitable for keeping of aquarian small fishes and plants at all: it is almost impossible to watch them as spherical walls distort a form of fishes and plants and they become unnatural. Besides, in such aquariums it is impossible to install the necessary equipment for maintenance of lighting, the required temperature, the filtration and aeration of water As an exception can support couple of goldfishes with a plant in such aquariums in the middle, but similarity of an underwater garden will not manage to be created even.

It is very often possible to uvidat narrow aquariums - screens with an inclined windshield. It is extremely heavy to create an underwater landscape in such capacity. Insufficient width exerts negative impact on course of biochemical processes in an aquarium. Besides, on an inclined wall the organic chemistry accumulates and glass begins to acquire seaweed intensively. Many confuse seaweed to plants. Though they also are those, but treat protozoa, and their existence in an aquarium is undesirable. It is necessary to look after such aquarium much more often.

Not only the form, but also a ratio of the sizes is important for the correct functioning of biological system (and your aquarium is that model). When I speak about it is it is surprising to many. But in the nature there are no reservoirs which would have depth much more its width? If so was, then it would cause a big loss to flora and would affect a condition of all fauna of this reservoir.

Most the traditional form of a parallelepiped is suitable for an aquarium . And the ratio of width and height is especially important. It is the best of all when width prevails on height - it is an ideal aquarium. It should be noted that the aquarium at which height prevails over width looks better, but in that case this aquarium has to be supplied with the necessary equipment for the correct functioning. In it surely there has to be a filter and the aerator which would mix water layers.

Length of an aquarium has smaller value, but it is better when it surpasses its height and width twice.

Many-sided aquariums and aquariums with a forward spherical wall are of little use . The first do not provide the full review of the underwater world, and the second distort it.

Sometimes triangular aquariums meet . Not the best option, from the point of view of functionality, but pretty well fit into an interior at a place problem indoors. It looks very much even originally.

And in conclusion especially I want to stop on volume of an aquarium . Many who want to get an aquarium stop the choice on small aquariums - a pier, I only begin therefore I will begin with smaller... Actually, it is a big mistake. What will occur if you, say, threw an excess portion of a forage into an aquarium with a capacity of 300-400 liters? Yes nothing will occur. And try to throw the same portion at 20-40 - a liter aquarium... Surplus of a forage by all means will lead to rotting and rough reproduction of microorganisms, and it, in turn, to violation of biological balance. Your aquarium will dim, in it the level of acidity (pH) will rise, and all this will lead of your favourites to death.

At the choice of an aquarium it is necessary to consider one important rule: the size of an aquarium is always inversely proportional to expenses of work and time for care of it . In a big aquarium biological balance quickly enough is established, besides it is steadier. Such system possesses ability to self-control and self-cleaning. It is much simpler to look after him. Therefore I recommend to begin with everything with volume not less than 100 liters .

Progress and pleasant feelings on fascinating travel to the world of an aquarium!