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Movie “Sea battle“. Why it looks literally with the mouth opened from surprise? You Remember

, in the childhood we played in a notebook a section: “G4? - By! D3? - By. G5? - It is wounded. G6? - It is wounded. G7? - It is wounded. G8? - It is killed!“. Some still at offices instead of fruitful work on capitalism play about an old kind toy, only already on the computer. Creators of the movie “Sea battle“ not just return us at the time of the childhood. They are enough the viewer by the scruff and directly - throw him in the scorching heat of war on battle ships, destroyers, the anti-submarine ships. Even in spite of the fact that the movie “Sea battle“ is not made in a 3D format popular now, feelings from viewing are created such intensive that the lower jaw droops and long does not aspire in a starting position.

I would choose as the motto of the blockbuster “Sea battle“ the well-known popular wisdom of the Russian pouring: “Do not trouble trouble, so far it is silent!“ It is sure, and in the American folklore there is something similar. Some clever office employees who is already much tempered in office fights know that if the chief does not haul up you on the carpet if everything goes quietly - peacefully, work becomes, the salary is paid in time, then you should not go to the boss and to lift a turmoil, to demand new tasks and in other ways “to make up for a wave“.

The mankind in the picture “Sea battle“ woke it dashingly that it did not seem to it a little. Only dashingly that fell down in the depth of space. The planet with similar living conditions under the name “Dzhi“ was manned. Also it was necessary to send to people a signal there. Aggressive aliens through it found out what, appears, and on Earth someone potters about in dirty linen, and right there sent the first ships to a signal source. Yes such that, having seen their power, even strong guys can wet trousers.

And everything begins so solarly. It is necessary to tell what thirty the beginning of the movie is minutes just merrily baize about the fellow`s life - the rebel, of the loser, the goof and the beginning drunk . The main character of the movie “Sea battle“ Alex Hopper performed by Taylor Kitsch looks on the screen the full sucker, so to speak. But what not to take away, it - small desperate! About such at us speak: “the roof left and will arrive not soon!“.

Whether the normal thought-over fellow for the sake of the blonde who wanted burite chicken at evening when all shops, cafes were already closed here can, to promise it to get ill-fated burite and for the sake of it to carry a roof of shop? The normal guy vryad and is capable of it. He would tell the girl that a pier, sorry, everything is closed, and have a bite a hamburger. But Taylor Kitsch`s character not such is. As a result from - for chicken the destiny of the goof does abrupt turn and by means of the senior brother - a considerable military rank on fleet of the USA - Alex Hopper gets to ranks of the Navy of the USA.

And what to it to lose? He is 26 years old and everything that it saved by then, is 65 dollars and any prospects . But the arrival of aggressive aliens at which only one-track mind - to erase us in powder - does of the loser worth 65 dollars of the savior of mankind. So, the first half an hour we see simple history of the fellow in love. Views of the island of Hawaii are magnificent. It is a lot of sun. Nothing foretells that apocalypse that waits for the viewer after these 30 minutes.

Whether authors tightened the beginning of a picture? Half an hour - considerable term for any picture, but these half an hour of rest in case of “Sea battle“ did not spoil material as it seems to me. On the contrary, the beginning as if weakens, but then on the viewer the tub of ice water pours out. The director Peter Berg treats us as with kittens: at first irons in the lulling manner, and then ruthlessly throws in a bucket with water (delight).

The film company HASBRO that pleased us with “Transformers“, this time not just did not disappoint. I will tell so: it FASCINATED anew! We become when viewing the movie “Sea battle“ by witnesses of the real break in the industry of the powerful blockbuster. Scenes of fights are made so immediately, is so volume, so naturalistic that takes the breath away. HASBRO could not but use the potential of special effects and ideas that we saw in “Transformers“ therefore both in “Sea battle“ there is a lot of and from “Tansformerov“, and is sensitive from well-known “Titanic“ (action is developed by the ships), and even as it seemed to me, from “Spiders“. The matter is that the ships of newcomers on an image remind the spider made to attack. As programmers traced each detail of “spider“, as the turning killing spheres that take off from a belly of “spider“ are real on the screen and them are afraid, causes human respect for creators. Children tried on pleasure to the viewer, good fellows.

I am not an admirer of the newly appeared Hollywood star of Taylor Kitsch, but here, in “Sea battle“, unlike the recent project “John Carter“, it corresponds to an image in “desyatochka“. Inherent as it seems to me, the actor`s razdolbaistost in “Sea battle“ is very pertinent both on a plot, and on compliance of an image of Alex Hopper to the unexpected hero. To the one who did not think not very long ago that there will be able to be something big for mankind, than just the loser.

Plus stylists of a picture made to it a short hairstyle and he ceased to resemble the drinking young artist from Arbat Street in Moscow. To it it is certain better with a short hairstyle! In it then there is a certain grain of brutality that does a screen image of Kitsch more attractive. It in “Sea battle“ raises both a smile, and desire to help, and swing by the head like “What you create, the goof! Again messed up!“.

Hopper turned out not indifferent character, not the stupid butcher and in general, game on a contradiction made Alex Hopper bright. It well does not pull on the head, on the leader, on a significant figure in any way. But natural sharpness plus circumstances force it to break themselves and to become that whom it CAN be. But - not especially wants. It has a plasticity of an image, flexibility. So, successful work Taylor Kitsch`s actor.

The director Peter Berg puts a real lapushka to such gallant and new Kitsch. I directly - fell in love with its kanapushka! It in the kanapushka and now I understand directly perfection why the hero Kitcha plunders shop of products, if only to grant desire of the beauty Samantha (the actress Brooklyn Dekker) to try chicken - burite. I still remembered a fringe of cut-offs that are tense on her harmonous legs. They - not legs, and a fringe - as lambs on a sea smooth surface.

Layam Neeson (the admiral Shane in the movie) left abrupt, of course, but also ironic. In general, the raid of humour is present at the movie, a lung of it as though the first as hoarfrost late fall, and the yumorok in fabric of the movie is very pertinent, does some scenes softer, more human.

In general, I want to tell the following: I sat almost all movie, behind an exception began half an hour with the mouth opened from amazement where slowly, without coming off the screen, lowered popcorn. The movie “Sea battle“ - a phenomenal show. I closed a mouth only at the exit from a cinema hall and safely, without questions moved apart both palms a fan that in the sum means

of 10 of 10.