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Charity - fashion or a necessary condition for development?

of People come to this world to study. And what we have to learn? What between us the general? What we have to get rid of?

The first that at the birth of the child is checked by doctors - a hvatatelny reflex. If to give to the kid in a hand a finger - it strong is enough it. And in attempt to take away a finger - the child cries. And it no other than congenital egoism. We already came here with desire to take and unwillingness to give.

How to learn not to be the egoist? We are not Saints! Yes, it is impossible to give in a material world all the time. We have elementary requirements: we want to eat, drink, somewhere to sleep, in something to put on, we want to be darlings. How to combine all this? As they say: “Life is a continuous search of balance“.

Therefore it is necessary to learn also the requirements to satisfy, and to develop spiritually.

And how to fight against the egoism? It is necessary to develop in itself opposite quality - generosity! Similar to it we fight against darkness, including light.

Some religions directly define some percent from the income which it is necessary to offer.

For example, in the Veda it is told about some special days. They are called “ of an ekadasha “. It is 11 - e days of the arriving Moon and 11 - e days of the decreasing Moon. These days it is recommended to refrain from leguminous food, to think less of materialistic affairs, to think more about spiritual and these days it is necessary to make donations.

It is considered that observance of an ekadasha exerts strong impact on consciousness and destiny of the person. Our last sins “burn down“ on spirituality fire. It gives the chance to be beyond destiny. Many sufferings which we had to test on a karma or will pass in easier form, or will change. So, for example, the serious illness can pass as a fright. Destruction of an organism can be replaced with destruction of the house. Death - on acceptance of a monkhood etc. to

In the Veda it is told that, giving, the person will receive in different cases in 10-1000 - the multiple size, under an indispensable condition if he endows disinterestedly.

The analytical department of the Ford company totals thousands of people worldwide. They analyze automobile business and not only. Some conclusions drawn by them completely coincide with religious doctrines. For example, they noticed that any business, passing certain stages of development, applying the correct management, reaches certain financial “ceiling“. Further what do as advertize, all efforts lead, at best, to remaining on the reached position. The company can overcome this “ceiling“ and make break in development only if it spends for the charitable purposes not less than 10% from the profit. And it is proved in practice by many world famous companies.

So if you do not accept the level of your income, you are late at work, take it on the house, somewhere earn additionally and nothing changes - just begin to donate disinterestedly part of the income for the good purposes. And your prosperity will pass to the following step of development.

I wish you good luck and prosperity!