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Value of game in life of the child

is the truth that education is construction material for future child. All parents dream of the best career for life of their child. All parents want that their child was a doctor, the engineer, the businessman, the journalist and want to see him on high posts. Children often do not receive free time for own entertainments. Teachers also force the child to be engaged during vacation, giving them homeworks. Earlier children played with the brothers and sisters. Thus, children easily received game of environment at home. Nevertheless, now, time spent by children in game is much less, in comparison with the last two decades. Parents have to understand that game is important activity for the child, and they should not deprive of the children of this opportunity.

Group games allow children to develop command spirit. They also teach them to cooperate with other members of team and develop self-discipline. It helps them at collision with negative situations with life and does them strong and hardy when they receive defeat. Many researchers proved that the children playing games are less aggressive, more adapted for various life situations and are steadier against the conflicts. It is a duty of parents to find out that the child knows a difference between reality and the imagination. When this problem is not revealed at the initial stages, it can accept ugly turn in the child`s life, and the child begins to assume that real life same as game which it plays. It will exert negative impact on mentality of children. In game children not only develop necessary skills, but also learn to communicate with peers and adults. Through game children develop the major skills which will help them with real life any time. There are certain advantages which the child gets after game. These advantages are given below.

1. The fear, concern, a stress, fatigue, irritability decreases.

2. The pleasure, proximity, self-respect and skill is created.

3. Emotional flexibility and openness increases.

4. The tranquility, vital circumstances resistance, adaptability and ability to cope with difficulties increases.

5. Tactile protection decreases.

6. The feeling of acceptance of distinctions amplifies.

7. Sympathy, compassion, understanding increases.

8. Positive emotions increase efficiency immune, endocrine, and is warm - vascular system.

9. The stress, injuries, fatigue and depressions decreases.

Each child has to have an opportunity to play so much how many to him it is necessary. You should not limit children in the next attempt to try game. For this reason it gains many skills from game and furthermore victories in it. Game is important for development of each child. It does them well balanced, prepared for life, tolerant, kind and more intellectual. Send the child to various circles. Let there him spend the time playing with the peers, and you grow up the child, good, firm to difficulties!