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What price of education?

are Not without reason told that “students - gold time“. Of course, receiving the higher education - very milestone event in life of each person. But a question in another: to graduate, it is necessary to enter to the UNIVERSITY. Presently entering a higher education institution - a subject very actual. Because there is a lot of persons interested, and places are not enough for all. Many prepare by own efforts to enter the institute, and some are enlisted in “various ways“ in students.

Among arrived on the contract, naturally, happen such which cannot pay study for family circumstances. But now I want to talk about another. Such people who have an opportunity to pay study occur among modern youth, but do not appreciate what to them was presented by destiny. They, hoping that parents will pay the contract, for nothing spend time on couples, do not want to study, to gain knowledge. They do not realize that to earn money - a difficult task. That is they do not understand that now receiving the higher education is given not everyone. If you arrived and can pay the contract, then has to appreciate it. Parents put in you that you became a good shot and the expert of the business that you brought benefit to the society and that you provided them a worthy old age. Youth is necessary to provide an old age. The one who does not wish to study now still will repeatedly regret about it in old age, and maybe earlier. “Who was not trained in youth, that the old age is boring.“ (the Second Great Ekaterina) “If the person feels by

the participation in life of society, he creates not only material values for people - he creates also himself. From work in which the spirit of civic consciousness is pronounced true self-education begins“ . (V. Sukhomlinsky).

All of us perfectly know that now it is very fashionable to speak “I study for the sake of the diploma“, “the main thing - a crust“. I categorically against such concepts and statements. I consider that the diploma or a crust as it is accepted to call it, the person and so will receive, but the main thing is he: who is he that is. And one more fact: many enter the institute for money or on protection, and those who have no necessary communications and money cannot study... Therefore remember, the student: Knowledge is a huge wealth which nobody will take away from you, and, having applied them in the necessary course, you will achieve success. Now huge need for competent shots. And many cannot get decent job only because have no higher education. Knowledge - not the inert, passive visitor coming to us we want it or not; it needs to be looked for before it is ours; it - result of a lot of work and therefore - the big victim. Who in twenty years knows nothing, in thirty years does not work, in forty years got nothing, that will never know nothing, will make nothing and will get nothing.

“Every day in which you did not fill up the education at least with a piece of knowledge, small, but new to you... consider fruitlessly and nevozvratno for yourself as the dead“ . (K. S. Stanislavsky) Therefore I once again want to repeat, time the destiny gave you chance and an opportunity to study, APPRECIATE IT!!!