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Whether It is necessary to tell the truth?

the Truth is always paradoxical. Henry Deyvid Thoreau

Truth … This word very expensive in literal and indirect sense, for example, for me. Truth … How many in this word of sense. The truth can be different: in a different form, in different languages and differently written to have the verbal form, to consist only in one gesture, a look, breath … In life of the truth there is a lot of … But facts of life one - we, people, do not love the truth. We love that we were told the truth, but ourselves do not like to tell it …
As is frequent I and all on this planet, met such situation when language does not turn to tell the truth. From - for fear of punishment to lose the person or his trust because just you are afraid that you will not be believed, from solidarity to someone and many other things. I do not speak any more about those moments and people who hide the truth from - for mercenary is more whole. Such there is a lot of. Happens that people do not want to tell the truth not to hurt the person. In such questions it is disputable to say about whether correctly the person arrives, having concealed the truth.
Ya personally the person who tries to tell the truth as if it was difficult and sick, than for me it would not turn back further. Perhaps, the reader will reproach me with this article that I flatter myself that I tell the truth. But I do not know, for example, say that the girlfriend will never tell the girlfriend the truth, will not give the correct advice. I never so will make. I tell to the girlfriends the truth which I consider correct. But another matter when the question concerns “girlfriends“ who once were good to me … But it is other subject. Tell “ I all - enemies to us where sooner than friends because they always say directly the truth “.
In spite of the fact that “ the flattery generates friends, the truth - haters “(Publy Terentsy Afr), I after all think that it is necessary to say directly to friends all that became painful and that you think of them if it secures. But it is never necessary to flatter that then to be pleasant to them. Also it is necessary that in relation to you the same rules were applied. Here then the person will be happy. Receiving an objective and adequate assessment from the party (though the first minute and it is unpleasant), I think, each soberminded person will think of words of the stranger and will analyze the further actions. “ With the truth it is necessary to live, as at fire: strongly to come nearer that not ozheg, far to depart that it was not cold “- Seneca. To learn to tell the truth to people, it is necessary to learn to tell it first of all to himself.
Finally, would be desirable that all were sincere, as if it was not absurd and difficult. If each of us at least for / for the sake of the close 5 people begins to say that it is necessary, will easier live. It is easier to live first of all for the person since to bear burden of a reticence, lie, a nevyskazannost it is heavy. And for others because if 1 of 10 adequately treats your truth, it will lead to some progress in society. It especially my opinion. My vital credo: “ Wishing the truth, do not constrain language “(O. Balzac).
P. S. That true friend who will specify everything in a way
of the Obstacle and will help to pass. to rank
of Flatterers be afraid to friends.
That true your friend who is honest and direct.

(Muslikhaddin Saadi)