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Who such alexvg?

I got acquainted With this person at one of forums. Downloaded its songs, listened, were pleasant. Then asked it to tell about herself. Here what he told me of himself:
My name is Alexey. I am freelancer. I have such hobby - music. I play fate - to group, also at home I play about, I compose a little bit. Even fans are. A class from the third at school began to be fond of a guitar so far only of ears and in respect of music. I then very much liked QUEEN group. Especially their guitarist Brian Mai. I began to cut out from a thick cardboard of a guitar and painted on them strings, sensors, switches and toggle-switches. The father decided to buy me a cheap acoustic gitarka and suggested to register in a circle guitar. There I tried to learn to rearrange month two is banal criminal akkordik... Am, Dm, I Eat etc. Itself a little bit studied notes and which - that then began to sort from classical things, unpretentious etyudik, playlets. Years in the 13th the father suggested to register in muzyu school. The teacher asked how you want to be engaged, so under chords to pomurlykat or is serious. I decided to be engaged seriously. For the first two years finished 4 classes of a muzykalka on a guitar class, in parallel played in a jazz orchestra and national the guitar. I did not finish the 5th class and did not receive a crust. There were not enough forces because decided to come to MEI and already with 10 - go a class strenuously prepared and went at any courses of mathematics and physics, plus at school in these objects from above was given to a heap.... there were not enough forces. With 10 - go a class there passed the hearing that at school there are some old tools and also a little from the equipment, a mixer unpretentious, amplifiers and the columns formant . I took also houses perepoyal guitars under other sockets, brought in school, earned. the supply manager was in pleasant shock. Brought together group of 4 people, the drummer, the guitarist and two more vocalists, one of them played the guitar and the second on a bass too. The school group was so hammered together. There was it in far 1999 m to year. Would end creative activity probably only with death. or can what on life there will be very good reason. Besides music I love mountain skiing, fishing, I play poker not bad. There are no collections yet... though is.... my guitars of pieces 7 or 8... I will precisely count later and it will be necessary to collect everything and to take a picture. To sing with anybody there was a wish, I very badly sing, and more good reason - I have an unpleasant timbre of a voice though does not prevent to tempt girls. Concerning muzplan, there are dreams so far, on a big scene there is a wish. But disturbs that at other participants of desire and potential divorce mine. Game of covers chuzhiz at a local scale arranges some of them. And I am a person creative, I want to compose something, to try. There is a wish for a dvizhukha, but not to do 4 concerts a year in the small small town. Poetomiu is absent clips. There is also no fully normally written down album at good studio. I everything did houses. There is no website, it and to anything yet...

Whom the article &ndash interested; pm comments or the message, I will give the reference to downloading of songs.