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Why the Tashkent subway is better?

I Love the subway for its heat in the winter and a cool in the summer.
In my opinion can allocate 3 major factors thanks to which we also call ours to a subway tashkentsoka a pearl:

1. purity
2. beauty
3. philanthrophy

I Suggest to go down in a vault and to estimate subways of the most known cities of the world. I hope, excursion will be informative, I think that among readers there are many travelers to whom this information will be useful.

We have in Tashkent a subway very pure. There was in Paris, there in general a garbage can. In comparison with other countries in Berlin is much purer, on each station there are ballot boxes. Everywhere and always there are 4 types of ballot boxes: for paper, plastic, glass and other. At each station on 3 specially allotted places, 12 ballot boxes turn out. Germans do not throw out garbage on a floor, even streets pure because it that someone threw out garbage on the street is absent They carry him will not find a ballot box in a pocket yet. And in the subway, nobody litters on the good breeding and some internal laws and rules. In cars it is pure too unless after one o`clock in the morning the bottle from under beer under sitting can be found. The subway Los - Andzheles Has only 5 lines. It is very badly developed. There are no plans for its further development, dangerously. There is a lot of earthquakes - therefore danger is big. At its reconstruction - blockages are possible . Journey - it is strict under tickets if did not pay, then a penalty and the summons. If a hare slipped - and stirs nothing it, then at the exit, be sure, you will be met by the police officer and will give ticket - a penalty for the sum about $200-300 (the ticket price - 2. $5) and the agenda there in COURT. In New - York of course more abruptly, in respect of journey: here 26 lines and 468 stations until you understand all branches Is even more unreal all of them to remember. Still here the set of the Hollywood movies was shot. In Berlin 10 lines and 173 stations. There are stations on suburbs of the city, they are such terrible The Tashkent stations very small, but when I showed to Germans of the photo of our stations, they were surprised with beauty of architecture. In Moscow the subway is the main vehicle. In it 12 lines and 285 stations. There is always an unpleasant smell, in other subway as the subway, but that is bad - there a lot of people. Having arrived to Moscow for the first time, in the subway I was taken out literally by a flow of people. Very long it was necessary to stand in a queue for a counter. All run, it is a mad rhythm! Visitors have no opportunity even to specify station or to ask about the help. We got used that our youth gives way to seniors, there is no it. The old woman can stand and look for hours at the sitting guy who is so keen on the smartphone. And in the subway of Tashkent administration to care for the passengers not once reminding that it is necessary to give way to women with children, to disabled people, people of advanced age. In Tashkent each station corresponds to the name. The name and scenery have something in common with each other. National color is reflected in wall patterns. It is not in Moscow. We do not forget also about our great ancestors, each station is not only architectural complexes, but also our history. Come to us to Tashkent, we will ride the subway!