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What it is pleasant to women in men?

of the Man. Who are they? All of them are divided into 2 types: “heey, brake!“ and “well you dooolgiya …“, very difficult to the woman to meet the one who will be something average between two of these types. But not about it now. Give, sort that is especially important in men and what trifles are adored by women.

In - the first, most of women at the top of the voice shout that the man has to be... What? Generous! Lovely men to be generous does not mean - to spend all the grant or a salary for the lady. Be just attentive to trifles, try to please more often the darling and close people. “The generous person is the one who gives to the suitable person a suitable thing in suitable time“. Aristotle.

Eyes. Sometimes this part of the face dements women. A fine half of mankind is even ready to drown in them. Not so important, what they are colors, it is important as far as they bright. The look plays an important role too. Women love tranquility and confidence in eyes. “Eyes are initials of soul“. Don Aminado.

“Tasty“ perfume. Often happens so, telling about the man, women notice: “And from it so pleasantly smelled …“. Yes, and it is very important too. The smell of men tells about it a lot of things. But here the main thing not to be overzealous, not that sometimes develops impression that spilled all bottle on itself. Especially in the summer, it is impossible to forget about such trifle. “Aroma gets into depth, right in the heart, and there takes out categorical judgment of sympathy and contempt, of disgust and an inclination, of love and hatred. Who owns a smell, that reigns over hearts of people“. Patrik Suskind. Perfumer.

Still that attracts women in men is hours. Hours are not only a thing which is created for supervision over time. Hours also add to men of brutality, courage and a business shade. If only “decoration“ of the man are hours on a hand, he from those people who know what is wanted from life, and the majority of them reach career heights. “Listening to tick of hours, we notice that time is ahead of us“. Ramon Gomez de la Serna.

Sense of humour - here that helps with communication with an opposite sex. Women do not love bores and whiners. We love accuracy in affairs, in the relations, in the speech... yes in everything. Humour - here the bridge between two people which can pull together and relieve the tension. Plus optimism. Men have to adjust always fragile, lovely I will give on the fact that everything will be excellent that it did not happen. But not to change that there was no opinion as if, the man just finished the performance in circus. Humour - it is ridiculous for all. “The humour transfers soul through an abyss and teaches it to play with the grief“. Feuerbach L.

Of course, it is necessary to add to this list: honesty, fidelity, punctuality, confidentiality, well maybe still something. Each woman will add something special.

“In the real man the child who wants to play is hidden“. Friedrich Nietzsche. All this of course is remarkable, but the most important be sincere. To women it is so important that everything goes from heart. If you love us, then you appreciate … and we in turn you!