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SUMALAK: what it and how to prepare?

Nowruz are a holiday which unites all people in a big family and friendly circle. For this day the country to prepare long before March 21. Something so pleasant soars in spring air and fantastic that people mainly gather all. On March 21, day of a solar equinox, this day is recognized, to be sacred and esteemed. Nowruz is translated from Persian as - new and - day. This holiday is celebrated in many Turkic-speaking countries. A traditional dish on a table, is Sumalak. And the main symbol - a family.

Sumalak history deeply originates in the bylinas and stories reflected from the people. Here some of them:

- Davny - long ago there lived a woman by the name of Fatima who had two sons - twins Hassan and Husan. Once, without knowing, than to feed hungry children, it dug herbs which grew nearby (it was the sprouted wheat), she put it in a cauldron, poured water, threw a stone, made fire and began to cook soup. Long it stirred slowly contents so, children, without having waited for a dinner, fell asleep. And for the morning to Fatima`s surprise there was no limit. The sprouted grass in water turned into dense gruel which to satiety fed her children and gave them forces and cheerfulness.

- Once fortress on the bank of Dzheykhun (present Amu Darya) was besieged by nomads from the East. When all supplies for livelihood ended, elders ordered to take the last bags of the dampened and sprouted wheat. Fed with the prepared soup defenders and those in turn ate the weight unattractive by sight. In a couple of minutes they felt extraordinary inflow of forces then with rage and valor beat off attacks of enemies. Those, having come to confusion from unexpected turn, decided to recede. Thus, a former soup, and present - Sumalak, approved the world and gave forces and hopes to the people.

Sumalak is the sweet, nutritious, smetanoobrazny mass of brownish color which is especially loved by children. Sumalak is useful to health as it is full of vitamins and amino acids. Prepare this dish in the spring when our organism especially needs nutrients. Preparation of Sumalak is considered a women stuff, and cultivation and tracking fire - man`s.


of 0,5 kg of wheat, 2 kg of wheat flour, 15 - 20 nuts, 1 kg of cotton oil.

Preparation for preparation of Sumalak begins in two weeks. During that time people carefully touch perfect wheat, wash out it cold water and presoak for three days. Then merge water, scatter crude wheat on the sheet of pure plywood a layer 1 - 1,5 cm thick and cover with a damp gauze for a period of 12 days.! Conditions favorable for germination: To hold in dark, but heat the place. To watch that wheat did not dry up, for this purpose periodically to sprinkle it water, till a time of its germination. After germination of kernels to 3 - 5 cm, they are small cut, using the meat grinder, or it is also possible protoloch in a mortar. The received weight is washed out in water by three times, then filter through a gauze and wring out in china. The muddy white liquid which is considered as an important component is as a result emitted. The filtered portions of a mash pour in different ware and put aside for 20 min. In the copper heated by cotton oil fill in this liquid in three portions and so that lumps were not formed, later add wheat flour, at the same time constantly stirring slowly, before formation of tremelloid weight light-brown color. For not a podgoraniye of Sumalak add 15 - 20 nuts and well washed out equal pebbles, size about a dried apricots stone. For end and the best preparation, it is necessary to stir slowly weight with a wooden spoon. If Sumalak at test has bitterish smack, add a little water to it and continue to boil to a condensation. Sumalak, often prepares a big sabbath in which people cheerfully spend a preparation time. They sing, dance, say prayers and uplift praise to Allah for the peace sky it is necessary the head. After continuous stirring within 8 - 12 hours late evening fire is extinguished and densely close a copper. All night long Sumalak pines and poured by special chocolate taste which is incomparable not with one dish. Early in the morning uncover and spill Sumalak in drinking bowls and cash desks (the national ware decorated with an ornament and patterns) and for pleasure add couple of kernels. There is a belief, - To whom the kernel will get, that all year will be happy. Sumalak is distributed to all guests and neighbors then amicably start a meal.

Bon appetit!