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What role of the training environment in personally - the focused training?

the Child - not a jug which should be filled and an icon lamp which should be lit. (Medieval humanists).

the State of health - the integrated characteristic of growth and development of the child which in many respects is defined by conditions of his life. There is no doubt that serious influence on growth, development and a state of health of children render social problems and ecological trouble. Nobody denies a genetic otyagoshchennost. And still experts consider that 20-40% of the negative influences worsening health of children are connected with school, with uncomfortable conditions of process of training. The concept of comfortable conditions uchebno - educational process first of all means creation at school of the pedagogical conditions which are most effectively providing development not only intellectual, moral, individual qualities of the identity of the child but also his physical and mental health. One of stress sources in school life is rigid hostile environment, conflict situations with teachers and peers, the conflicts between parents and school at which the suffering party - the child.

Educational, or training, Wednesday includes everything that surrounds the pupil, exerting impact on its development. The training environment is the specially organized environment directed to acquisition by pupils of a certain knowledge, skills (today it is accepted to speak about competences). In it forms of education become mobile and available to change. In other words, it is the external organizing force stimulating process of training and development. What the role of the teacher consists during creation of the training environment in? The teacher`s task - to create the pupil an environment which would stimulate their intellectual development and gave them emotional support. It is important to note that in the organization of educational process at school there are no trifles, everything is significant, everything affects a state and health of the child - both furniture, and illumination, and duration of changes, and use of technical means, and the atmosphere at a lesson. One of important points in creation of the creative training environment is ensuring emotional comfort at a lesson. “Emotions - the reactions of the person to influence of internal and external irritants having pronounced subjective coloring and covering everything types of sensitivity and experiences. Emotionally painted moments of training promote effective assimilation of a training material“. The teacher has to be able to light in the hearts of the pupils love to art, fine, kind. And eyes of children have to shine, overflowed with pleasure and gratitude, curiosity and inquisitiveness. Not for nothing say that eyes - a window to the soul.

Skill of teachers consists that they develop the creative potential of pupils, at the same time create conditions for direct participation of parents in uchebno - educational process. Parents reap the fruits of laborious work of the teacher living on Sh. Amonashvili`s precepts already today: “The teacher, be the sun radiating human heat, be a fertile field for development of human feelings and sow knowledge not only in memory and consciousness of your pupils, but first of all in their souls and hearts“.