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At the stomatologist

Beautiful and healthy teeth are not only pride of an attractive smile “from ear to ear“, but also an opportunity to normally chew food. And work zheludochno - an intestinal path and other systems of an organism depends on quality of this process. Therefore behind teeth as behind any other body, conscientious and careful leaving is necessary. On what we usually grudge time. And, having even taken in the morning a brush in hand, we, brushing teeth, we make the mass of mistakes which lead to formation of a scale and development of inflammations subsequently. What - the stomatologist - the therapist of the private medical enterprise Nadezhda Viktorovna Yantsemirskaya tells:
- the Toothache is only a consequence of the fact that we incorrectly brushed in due time teeth. Parents do not know the rule of hygiene of an oral cavity, also children do not know. And skills are put from three-year age when explain to the kid in a game form how the toothbrush has to move.
Usually teeth are brushed mechanically moreover and with half-closed eyes. And it is necessary - in front of the mirror that it was visible that you clean. The horizontal movements need to be excluded completely, they only harm. It is necessary to brush teeth of the lower row from below up and from top to down - top. Plus roundabouts. Typical lateral motions by a brush lead with age to changes in a periodontium (the bone structure surrounding tooth) therefore there is a stripping of roots in a neck of teeth. As the root is covered with soft substance - a dentine, but not enamel, gradually there is a deleting of this dentinovy layer. Similar defects of prisheechny area of tooth lead to formation of caries.
of the Consensus concerning emergence of such problem as physicians have no caries. Today there are about 300 theories, each of which is “moderately“ proved. But at the same time only 2 - 4% of people around the world do not have it. Why? Scientists cannot answer this question.
By the way, carbohydrates which prevail in our diet, accumulating in a certain place of a mouth, destroy structure of enamel. In this place caries, at first in spot “stage“ develops over time, and then the infection goes beyond solid tissues of tooth and an inflammation the bone structure and, naturally, tooth is surprised.
slowly leads Non-compliance with hygiene of an oral cavity to formation of soft deposits in tooth junctions with a gum. Gradually it hardens, and the gum inflames. The person notices stones only when they “are stuck out“ from - under gums. At the same time in a gum there is already a chronic trauma which begins to bleed. Feeling sorry for itself, we, as a rule, do not go to the stomatologist, and “we subcontract“ chewing process of another, healthy, to the party. But in that case tooth loses “loading“ necessary for it and is gradually loosened.
For prevention of it, except daily hygiene, is desirable to show once a year to the dentist an oral cavity and a mucous mouth. Even if nothing hurts, but with the preventive purpose to visit an office costs. Not to bring the matter to a state when stones grow to the “ugly“ sizes and removal of tooth will be the only exit.

Igor Zaykovaty