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And your dream was executed?

of Dream. And what is it? It is our desires, the purposes or just imaginations? Dreams are the most valuable that the person has, they light fire in soul, they force to work for 20 hours a day, to sleep for 4 hours and at the same time not to feel fatigue. Sometimes, when you go to the dream, apparently, that on the road to you one enemies or obstacles meet. Actually, very often they become for us the best teachers. Which even should not be paid... Though, it is possible to argue with it. Speak: “The best teacher in life is an experience. A beret the truth expensively, but also explains intelligibly“.

What it is necessary to make that the dream was achieved? by
In - the first, accurately to determine the purpose. In - the second, confident steps to move to this purpose. For achievement of the purpose the motivation is necessary.

It is a little about motivation...
the Most purposeful person is that which very much wants in a toilet. All barriers seem insignificant. Agree, ridiculously to hear phrases of type:
Ya peed the pants because:
- was not time to descend in a toilet.
- I was too tired.
- lost hope. I did not believe that I will be able to reach.
- well of course. It - that reached. It has legs of wons what long.
- I am too silly that to make it.
- I already 5 times was described. At me it will never turn out to reach.
- it is obvious not for me.
- I was knocked in a toilet - but did not open for me.
- to me lacked motivation.
- I had a depression. I have no
- money, I cannot afford it!
- whether decided to descend
Often tomorrow you go towards the aim as though you run in a toilet?

Now about the purpose:
If the purpose is, then to achieve it really. Of course, it is necessary to sweat much and to suffer too, different happen on the way of complexity and an adventure. But it seems to me, for the sake of the purpose we also live. A family, children, grandsons, favourite work, career development, sea tour - all this the purposes and dreams. Always definitely to know the main thing what you want, and never to lower hands at the first problem. It is not necessary to avoid all obstacles in a way to achievement of the purpose, it is necessary “to chew“, solve, so to say, these obstacles the arisen problem, and even whenever possible to turn it in own favor. Also you remember: who wants, looks for opportunities, who does not want, looks for the reasons (popular wisdom).

It is necessary to dream correctly!
of Dream are thoughts. It is necessary to be careful in everything including in desires, and especially in the pronounced words... Not for nothing speak “be afraid of the desires“ or “of what you are afraid, it happens“. Think only about good and it will surely come true! Our dreams are addressed not to reason. They are directly directed to our unconscious. Not without reason in the childhood when mechanisms of control are not created yet, it is dreamed especially productively therefore it is better to dream at the weakened control of consciousness - before going to bed or right after awakening.

Truly speak - to dream not harmfully. It is even useful. Dreaming, you receive positive emotions, and it cannot but affect you positively! I think that if the person did not dream, then it would be much more difficult to do something, to aspire to something, our dreams push us to actions, acts, force to think of a time extraordinary. And it is good to dream, in dreams we always such happy, in dreams at us everything is so good that mood it is direct at once rises, and there is a wish to smile to all... So, dream on health! Also remember - dreams come true!