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Self-confidence. Why to keep the Diary of success?

Today we will talk about that why to keep the Diary of success and as it influences our self-assessment. Many already for certain know about such diaries and that someone keeps them. But not all know about its really magic, magic properties. Therefore this article will be useful even to those who know about the Diary of success a little.

I will begin with the story about what is received by the woman who keeps such diary.

When you will begin to keep the Diary of success, will find an inexhaustible power source. And notice: the force! How? If you have a Diary of success, you at any time can return to the previous records and be filled with this energy!

In some difficult life situations if the help has no place to look for, there is nobody to talk, there is no place to take forces - you have a diary. And he will remind you that you - “Oho - go!“ and the embodiment of success! The diary with records of last events clearly demonstrates to you: “You can“.

Sometimes people ask: “What to do if I do not change? I work, I work, but I do not see any changes“. Yes, this is true. It is difficult to understand and estimate what we are today, and yesterday it is already far. Ahead - only tomorrow, but there only what we did not make yet were not in time, did not master …

A in the diary you will always see the changes!

When a few years ago I began to keep such diary, I for the first time glanced in the previous records only in one and a half months. How many discoveries I then for myself made! I understood that I so much mastered during this time that in one and a half months these things left on the level of habitual knowledge and abilities. Later time I ceased to perceive it as achievements though still some time ago these events were of great importance for me! Occurs also at all others. That is the diary helps to note to you points, success steps.

One more interesting feature: our brain is arranged so that more often we remember bad, heavy, uncomfortable. And we remember different pleasant things day - another, and then they depart from memory. And so, the Diary of success will help to keep pleasant with memory!

One woman somehow told me: “It is easy to begin that - to continue much more difficult“. Yes, it is. There were periods when I opened the Diary of success and with the first line wrote: “I opened the Diary of success“. Be not strict to themselves. Begin with the fact that you in general do it.

One more indisputable plus under the authority of the Diary - the obligation. In fact, beginning to keep the Diary of success, you take the responsibility for creation and attraction in the life of five and more progress in day.

The diary of success is a strong means to begin to change really the life. It is unlikely you will want to bring manicure or a hairdress in progress. To look good - it is important, but it - not achievement, and you will see it.

One more very strong equipment which is used when maintaining the diary - the But equipment. How to be if there is nothing to bring in the diary? What to do if the only achievement for all day - “I awfully look today and I understand it“?

Here the But equipment will come to the rescue. Near “Nedodostizheny“ write with capital letters: “BUT I feel perfectly!“ or “BUT I have many brains“. You watch how emotional coloring of the offer changes: “I did not get on an important meeting today … BUT I ate ice cream in cafe and have a rest“. But options there can be an uncountable quantity. And they allow us to be restored when it seems that nothing good in a day occurred.

Our education system is constructed in such a way that the attention is focused on mistakes and defects, but not on progress. And there is only a wish to see in each situation good. How? It is possible to learn positive thinking. And the Diary of success - one of tools via which it is possible to come to positive perception of and world around!

The technical moment or as how to do?

1. For a start buy a notebook. Pretty, charming which there was always a wish. Such which will give you pleasure only one vernal look.

2. Daily write down five or more progress there.

3. If you know that you have a difficult schedule or for the evening - begin to write many plans before there comes night, hours at 5 - 7 in the evening.

4. It is possible to hold the diary near at hand, on a table and to write down there progress on the course of some activity.

5. If you feel that there is a desire or an opportunity “to come off“ - for example, from - for lack of such beautiful notebook or still something - write where it is necessary. I made the first entries in the incomplete daily log from the last place of work. In total - - to begin the main thing!

Become more self-assured!