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How to become pregnant by means of the Moon?

the Moon since ancient times are considered a feminine symbol. Adherents of nonconventional medicine claim that certain phases of the Moon can have very significant effect on an organism of the woman and her health.

Long before the invention of contraceptives of the woman were protected from undesirable pregnancy, being guided on the Moon. It was noticed that in days of the decreasing Moon the probability to become pregnant is reduced to zero. And here in the period of the growing Moon and especially in a full moon chances to become mother, on the contrary, increase.

Some modern researchers are sure that special impact on ability of the woman to conception is exerted by so-called coincidence of a lunar phase. According to this theory, the probability of conception is extremely high that day of a lunar calendar which coincides happy birthday women. Let`s say if the woman was born in the sixth lunar day (day of a new moon is considered in the first afternoon), then every time when the lunar calendar shows the same day today - and it occurs once a month - there comes extremely favorable period for conception.

The probability of conception when repetition of a phase coincides with an ovulation is highest. But in general the probability of conception sharply increases irrespective of on what period of a hormonal cycle repetition of a lunar phase falls.

Enigmatically the woman`s organism so seeks for conception at repetition of a lunar phase that any obstacles in this way - even reception of hormonal contraceptives or allegedly absolutely safe days - can be inefficient.

The moon can help the woman not only become pregnant, but also debug the cycle. In order that it became regular, and monthly came always in the same day, several months are useful “to be irradiated“ with the Moon - to sleep under the open sky, without hiding from beams of a night star.

It is clear, that in city conditions to make such experiments quite difficult, but the moonlight can be simulated artificially. For this purpose advise within a month to sleep in complete darkness, and in the last three days of a menstrual cycle to create effect of a full moon - to include a weak night lamp near a bed. In 3 - 4 months of such practice critical days will fall on the same time.

The moon influences not only reproductive function, but also the general condition of an organism. So, in a new moon unpleasant feelings can appear at hypotensives, and in a full moon pressure differences quite often disturb hypertensive persons.

In a full moon adjournment of fat in an organism happens more actively - to the women inclined to completeness, on the eve of a full moon recommend to arrange a fasting day.

In the period of the growing Moon work of heart accelerates, the central nervous system is excited, the person feels inflow of forces, optimism. At this time action of the taken medicine amplifies (but also the risk of manifestation of their side effects increases). Therefore in days of a new moon and the growing Moon it is recommended to begin a course of improving procedures.

On the decreasing Moon, on the contrary, the breakdown, weakness is felt, pressure goes down, all processes in an organism are slowed down. During this period recommend to get rid of all that is not necessary any more, - for example, to purge skin and a gastrointestinal tract.

It is considered that hair and nails cannot be cut during the decreasing Moon. But everything depends on for what result you strive. If you want that hair and nails grew quicker, then it is really better to cut them to a full moon while the Moon grows. And if you want to strengthen roots of hair and to make nails stronger, then it is better to date a hairstyle or manicure for the period after a full moon when the Moon decreases.