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Where to go to have a rest this summer?

Blossoming of Feminity
we seek to get on well At our prompt world a lot of things: to master a mad rhythm, not to pass important. On shoulders of the woman of the third millennium the excessive burden the woman, the wife, the celebutante, the leader and at home and at work lays down to be.

And it is very frequent in a pursuit of the illusive purposes to prove to the world the importance, of visible attributes of success we, women, we miss that only thing and precious that makes us rather happy - love, mutual understanding, warmly close people, reliability of the family center. In series of constantly replaced events, meetings, meetings we lose touch with relatives, relatives, friends, the nature, ourselves Find

time for yourself and you will see as the world as he will play new bright paints as the people surrounding you will change will change! Present yourself unforgettable 7 days of revival, long-awaited rest and return to the nature, to spiritual, to yourself!

I am glad to invite you in such sweet and magic immersion this summer, arrange yourself the Crimean vacation.

You have an opportunity (VOZMI+MOZHNO) of

disclosures and strengthenings of the feminity

awakening of qualities of true nature: intuitions, flexibility, softness, sensuality, etc.

to relax and bliss out from itself

to organize a smart photoshoot in various jewelry, scarfs, to experiment with image

it is better to get acquainted with the only thing at you a body and to fall in love with its

to open the internal light and radiance

to learn and accept the unique identity

to have a rest in advantage as a hobby and bodies

to let in feelings the life, to be filled with love and to begin to shine it, attracting only the most beautiful people all this

I in the friendly company of adherents where it will be possible to relax and be itself, to be real.

What we will do:

* To master the Thai massage releasing energy, and giving relaxation and knowledge of of

* to Dance and to move freely - on a grass, on the coast and in water, deriving pleasure from itself and the body, removing clips and awakening sensuality

* to Strengthen and learn to operate the feminine, by means of Taoist and Tantric the practician
* to Walk under stars and to enjoy a chirr of cicadas

* to Arrange performances when dance turns into life and it is possible to be anyone, to play any role, being at the same time oneself

* to Learn to hear, feel, understand and accept itself and the body in its natural beauty and grace

* to Find harmony in the relations with the inner world and the primitive female essence

* to Open the new level of feelings and emotions, qualities and states

* to be filled with female tranquility, confidence, warmth and love

* to Open access to the resources, to opportunities and requirements

* to Look for and find own and unique dance of life

* to Communicate a confidential narrow female circle and to discuss only the, absolutely intimate questions

* to Open and develop the voice, releasing him, allowing it to be strong and sonorous, or velvet and sexual