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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 21 - 22? “Sea battle“, etc.

of the Russian film film distributors, centrally and at the same time, “punched on hi - hi“. There are more than a half of movies of five debutants of wide Russian release - the comedy. It is the French tape “The right on “left“ with the recent winner of the Oscar Jean Dujardin, and also at once two comedy works from domestic cinematographers.

In vanguard of hire “the child of marketing“ and “gloss and poverty of Hollywood“ - 200 - the million blockbuster of Peter Berg how “by, wounded will act, killed“. “Sea battle“ with participation of Liam Neeson and the singer Rihanna will receive the maximum quantity of cinema halls and the best sessions. And now is more detailed:

1. “Sea battle“ (Battleship, 2012)

Certainly that to all to a favourite board game Berg`s blockbuster has the same relation as a bird of a kiwi - to the fruit of the same name. Just “Armageddon“ was already occupied, and till the Independence Day still far. And what difference under what name the next attraction rattling an armor will go? Especially as on the screen we will see nothing essentially new. Mix of “Transformers“ and “Fights for Los - Andzheles“ promises to be spectacular, large-scale and is as usual pathos - glossy.

The newly appeared film star Rihanna who decided to try Michele Rodriguez`s status is responsible for a glamour in “Sea battle“. For male scepticism concerning women by the ship - Liam Neeson to which not to get used to roles of severe military leaders. Young and combative Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter“) and Alexander Skarsgard (“Straw dogs“) acted as the main striking power of the project. The slaughter with the aliens who got out on soul of mankind of ocean depths is traditionally diluted with humour, demonstration of military power of the USA and avaricious cuttings of human characters.

In the homeland, strangely enough, “Morskoyboy“ will leave only in the middle of May and will eat up crumbs for “Avengers“ and “Gloomy shadows“ of Burton. By that moment the picture anyway will pay back the not sour budget in other territories so the opinion of Americans on the movie of authors will not concern any more. To understand sadly that Peter Berg, the director of “Treasures of Amazon“ and “Hancock“, followed a slippery slope of Roland Emmerich. To be washed to it it will be difficult.

2. “The right on “left“ (Les infideles, 2012)

to the Lump as not to French to shoot romantic comedies on an adultery. Especially as now the nation had a new hero - the lover recognized around the world. The speech, by itself, about the winner of the past Oscar, the actor Jean Dujardin. “The right on “left“ - its first feature film after sensational “Actor“ and again together with the director Michel Hazanavichus.

However, Dujardin shares a shot with other popular French actor, Gilles Lillusch here, and in a director`s chair besides Hazanavichus - seven more, but all this details. The main thing that familiar names will unambiguously draw attention of the viewer to the poster, and for very modest even by the standards of a genre of the movie bigger and it is not necessary. The French humour and style of supply of material was always close to domestic audience, and, we will hope, thanks to separate stars, the European mainstream will cheer up both there, and here.

3. “Appointment“ (2012)

Yusup Bakhshiyev better known as “Kent“ from tapes about the Anti-killer, unexpectedly for all was delivered of the romantic comedy. So sharp change of genre preferences did not do it good. Without knowing laws of the chosen subject, Bakhshiyev, without a moment`s hesitation, borrowed all set of stamps and a cliche of similar transatlantic production. The shaggy release “Appointment blindly“ with Bruce Willis and Kim Besinger was taken as a basis absolutely. And if Ekaterina Klimova on sex appeal does not concede to the Hollywood star at all, then with the leader of Uma2rmaH group Vladimir Kristovsky at creators of “Appointment“ of love it did not turn out. The singer is not able to play at all, and the dreadful scenario finally defamed his scenic charm.

The successful surgeon at the request of the girlfriend “walks“ the nice teacher (both Kristovsky, and Klimova - the poured-out representatives of the budgetary sphere). After a glass of a shampusik the girl suits to the boyfriend a full separation from reality, including acquaintance with its being fight - the friend (the Ukrainian case Sergey Badyuk), prison and driving the motorcycle with highly lifted up legs. And then it will be very a shame to all with the behavior. And it is a shame to us that our compatriots are not even able to clone others work competently. By the way, not such and titanic.

4. “Soldier.“ (2012)

I do not know com who such Elena Bychkova who put this opus on legs, but if to read a synopsis to the movie careful, then already and you do not know, whether to cry, whether to laugh. We translate from Russian on clear. The young guy enters the institute, then from melancholy becomes an inveterate drunkard, deducted and comes back to native Zapopinsk. The house it with open embraces is waited by mother and the military commissar (from here, by the way, the idiotic name of the movie “the Soldier. com“).

The commander tempered by refuseniks dreams to send the shameless youth to service to the Fatherland. The fellow with the military commissar quarrels, is reconciled, then is going to army, but thinks a lot and goes to continue to grind away at the studies. In total. Curtain. The trailer adds to everything written an appropriate level of sense of humour and actor`s “professionalism“. It is felt that the picture on a location in Zapopinsk, on the basis of real events and in close contact with local population was shot. Where this “the best city of our immense homeland“ was. I believe, will be not superfluous to remind that to watch similar it is not recommended in any sauce. In order to avoid an injury of a brain and loss of belief in the better future of our cinema.

In addition to the above-stated novelties of film distribution in limited quantity of cinema halls especially curious audience will be able to find very original Czech animated film “Alois Nebel and his ghosts“ . This gloomy animation project is removed in it is black - white color and in a manner of comics and narrates about strange bents of the station inspector. Material supply obviously not animated therefore only adults and that not all will estimate this “masterpiece“.

Thus, without any doubt, for full-fledged success of “Sea battle“ all conditions are created. Little-known of - for lack of any advertizing the French comedy, especially two absolutely unintelligible Russian movies is not able to compete with the Hollywood blockbuster. “Sea battle“ in proud loneliness is going to dominate in hire in the forthcoming two weeks until its far-fetched fights are swept elegantly away by one of the most anticipated projects of 2012 - the comic book - an action “Avengers“.