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How to make kind every morning? Part 2

Here I reached a bathroom.
Here at me the whole ceremonial. Well, at first as at all, it is traditional - teeth and a hygienic shower (and it is possible to dare even to rinse only a lower body). Why? And here because further I wash to a belt. I pour in a basin since evening the prepared boiled water. It will always be normal - room temperature, and it is not necessary to ask a question: to wash warm water or ice? First of all I wake up. You think that it is such aphorism or idiomatic expression? Here not! This specific physiological action. It consists in washing of an open eye. Our ancestors did so: dropped open eyes in cups in the morning and rotated them in water. I so cannot do for some reason, I act simpler: I gather waters in the palms put by a bucket and several times I squelch in an eye, and still I blink in water.
Further I wash, using a handful of the wetted oat flakes as detergent. Then I wipe a face with camomile ice.

Who thinks that it takes a lot of time, is deeply mistaken: it is no more than usual washing. And preparation of camomile ice in general will take away from you minutes five in a month. We take two the filter - a bag of a pharmaceutical camomile, we fill in with a glass of boiled water and we wait before full cooling, then we spill on molds, we freeze.

On it I finish a complex which I designate “Morning of the idler“. After that it is possible to go to kitchen and to be engaged in a breakfast.

But if I am not an idler if I have in a stock half an hour of time (or rose a bit earlier, or today it is not necessary to run to 8 for work), I will continue the morning procedures: I will change clothes in a t-shirt and shorts and I will do full-fledged exercises. It is necessary to change clothes. In - the first, so more conveniently, in - the second, you are already adjusted at once on the fact that you are engaged, well and in - the third, I have in the apartment four men, all is necessary - to consider it.

Charging at me thought over: exercises on joints, an extension, a power complex. All this depending on time which I have can take from 10 to 30 minutes.

And then I do what can deliver the greatest high and that is natural end of such morning - I have a shower bath cold water.
is the best of all to have a shower bath on the street, standing bare feet on the earth, but I live in the city, in an apartment house, and I represent how silly I would look with water buckets at us in the yard! And then still to stand on cold in a wet bathing suit. Br - r - r! Therefore I have a shower bath in own bathroom. There are many systems how to be prepared for douche how to begin to have a shower bath. I just pour out on myself two buckets of water - one on shoulders, the second on the head. To pour out water on the head - it is obligatory if it not to do - it is better not to have a shower bath at all. If to pour only over a body, difference of pressure is formed and it is unclear to what consequences it can lead.

Type excuses, well, and then also the head of sushi, it is no more than exactly than an excuse. I have a hairstyle and in five minutes all perfectly dries, my friend has long hair, it brings together them in a bunch and on drying of the head of it even less time leaves.

That`s all, now that it is precisely possible to have breakfast. I begin day with a fruit breakfast. Always, throughout already, probably, years 6 - 7. And my children got used to it, and consider natural first of all to eat some fruit or berries. Shouts that it is expensive are not accepted too. We too not Rokfellera, sometimes to have and to cut apple on halves and to divide orange into several parts.

And all are farther as at all - a usual breakfast, an easy make-up, and forward - for favourite work.

My article can seem someone boasting, someone will tell that it can take too much time and forces therefore expecting possible comments, I will answer immediately to all:
1. The body is a temple of my soul, and let this temple will be the temple, but not lop-sided a shed or a dump.
2. I have from seven-year age a backbone curvature. To school!!! Years of study did not promote its strengthening. Pregnancy and childbirth, too somehow not really helped it. But as it was convenient to drag the baby on the stomach which is stuck out forward! At first I somehow did not attach significance to the bearing. Somebody will tell: do not stoop, I will become straight. But over the years I began to notice what will become straight - that I already, and I cannot and furthermore constantly to control the back. Tried swimming, yoga, massage - all by cash desk.
I only my persistent daily trainings + ladka helped me to correct a situation a little. So, daily occupations for me not a whim, but vital need.
3. I have a husband and three sons. They require my constant attention, leaving and care. I just have no time to be ill.

Who liked my morning - join! Let at you too every morning will be kind!