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How to make kind every morning? Part 1

Many know that the stress is a negative factor for our organism. And nevertheless, day by day the majority of us voluntarily subject the organism to a stress. How it? The call of an alarm clock and the subsequent to it sharp rise is a huge stress for an organism. For very short period our organism has to be reconstructed from a passive state in active. Many as can, help it: having jumped from a bed, begin to do intensive exercises, then drink coffee. But other many know that such behavior is hazardous to health and do not do anything. Again it is necessary to look for golden mean. How to begin morning that it was kind?

There are two ways to wake up: independently and by means of an alarm clock. To us independent rise is natural. You slept, wake up in good mood and with pleasure stretch. It was only in the childhood?

Now you sharply jump up in a bed by contradiction of a sound, naoshchup find what publishes it and for about five minutes fail in a saving sleepiness. But the modern equipment guards interests of society, and it is necessary to society that you immediately got up and went to work. Therefore the unpleasant sound repeats once again. You, swearing, you wake up and already finally you disconnect this miracle of the Chinese equipment. Mood not really, you inertly go on kitchen, put a teapot. The most stupid phrase from advertizing is at the tip of the tongue: Whether “Morning kind does not happen“

So there is a morning kind? And if yes, that how to make kind the morning?
That became morning kind, it is necessary to take care of it from overnight. How? Elementary: to go to bed in time. All know long ago that to the person to sleep, it is necessary to sleep 7 - 8 hours. And if you “weigh“ on the Internet to 2 - x nights, then from where to undertake to kind morning.

So, we will take care of tomorrow`s morning today. I agree that article on the Internet very interesting, or the movie some tightens. But … for some reason we also have a will power. So, strong-willed effort we tear off ourselves from “evening rest“, we sort a bed, we open a window leaf - and in a bathroom (teeth, to wash, a shower - who to what got used). I here, for example, cannot wash just before a dream - it invigorates me therefore I try to wash away a make-up a bit earlier. Settled in a bed - stopped thinking of work, children, money, a world reorganization, global cataclysms, a doomsday and plans for the future in connection with approaching a doomsday. Generally about all that prevents you to fall asleep and forces to turn in a bed in a side sideways. Ideal option - an empty pate. Lucky persons who so can. At me it turns out not always. But there is no limit to perfection. I aspire to it. But “how to settle it is correct to sleep“ is a subject of other article.

And here it came - morning. I will not describe how it is necessary to rise. I will describe how there passes my morning. It will be pleasant to whom, can enter similar into the daily routine or think up something the. Free - will!
Ya I prefer to wake up independently, without importunate ringing of an alarm clock. But I hold an alarm clock about a bed. So just in case, for control. On this control call I delivered myself the song “Everyone Chooses on Himself“ And now daily at me the reminder sounds that my life is my personal choice. Very much stimulates whether you know …

But is fine, distracted a little. Woke up, stretched, made a small lying zaryadochka: any sharp moves legs, bridges and other akrabotichesky delicacy. The organism did not wake up yet why to subject it to such stress? Everything is natural and harmonious.
1. Blinked eyes, massaged eyeballs through the closed eyelids
2. Stretched all over
3. Turned legs few times to the left - to the right
4. Pulled socks on herself - from herself
5. Strained muscles of legs, a basin.
6. Slightly turned the head to the left - to the right
7. And once again stretched
Everything, it is quite enough that the body from the dream mode passed into the “wakefulnesses“

mode Slowly, without breakthroughs got up and went there where all go, having got up. And then returned to a bed again. This time for about 5 - 10 minutes, it is no more. What I there am engaged at this time in? My husband cannot still understand to himself it. I give a two-three of minutes to a prayer (if suddenly there is a desire to thank God for a kind dream and corporal rest) and I estimate what affairs I need to make today. These are peculiar exercises for a brain, the remains of a dream will precisely disappear after that and already all organism is ready to work. And still I devote this time to the favourite tummy. That is I do massage of a stomach. However, massage not idle time, and Slavic ladka of a stomach. Here I will not press in the detailed description of this process. Everyone can pick up to itself(himself) massage of a stomach for personal preference. Who only begins - can just stroke yourself on a stomach clockwise, or obdavit a stomach, besides clockwise. In general, massage of a stomach the piece very useful, allows to massage internals through a forward wall of a stomach, puts a large number of blood vessels into operation. About it it is possible to look on the specialized websites in more detail.

Only that physicians warn: massage of a stomach can be done not to all!
“Restrictions are as follows: the sharp pathology of an abdominal cavity demanding the emergency surgical intervention, pregnancy and the period till 2 months after the delivery, oncological diseases, a miyelopatiya, sharp tuberculosis, infectious diseases with high temperature, bleedings, fresh wounds, thrombosis, mental diseases, collagenases (for example, rheumatism), stones in a gall bladder and its channels, an acute hepatitis, a congenital atoniya of a gall bladder, its excess, cirrhosis, an acute inflammation of kidneys, congenital heart disease, sharp heart failure, the postinfarktny period, postoperative states“.
I in general, is recommended to those to whom for forty and it is going to begin to do massage of a stomach, it is better to be checked at first at experts.

So, again I distracted. Now, after a stomach ladka, I at last get up. I open a window leaf, I do several simple breathing exercises, I make a bed and I go to a bathroom.

And here in what I am engaged in a bathroom, I will tell in the second part of article.