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United Orthodox Russia

the Most important for the present power is preservation of the legitimacy. Therefore all forces and all administrative resource rushes on a prize of elections of any levels.

As shows the analysis of last elections, for the power rich and successful people who became rich and successful at the expense of this power vote. Then their workers, it is clearly and accurately told to whom: for whom it is necessary to vote. Naturally officials, state employees, security officers. The semiliterate population and pensioners for whom broadcasts television also are given small tips. And residents of the remote auls. Those vote as they will be ordered by local Bai.

Against, people with good education level generally vote, businessmen of small and medium business who were clamped on most do not indulge. Generally, that creative, middle class or so-called “angry citizens“.

Therefore, the power for the self-preservation has to increase the first category of the population and reduce the second.

For reduction of number of protest electorate the open door policy is used. The more will leave the country creative and angry, the better. Today the number of emigrants reached on some data of postrevolutionary level.

Methods of suffocation of small and medium business by raising of taxes, raider captures and real landings are also actively used.

The country needs only oligarchs and the obedient population serving them. It is desirable - semiliterate, orthodox and watching on TV the leaders.

For illiteracy increase USE actively takes root. Teaching level in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS decreases. Even MSU already is not among prestigious universities of the world at all.

The population has to be not only semiliterate, but, it is desirable still, religious. From here the unnatural union of the power and church which under the constitution is separated from the state, but - the fact, became part of government. As it is regrettable. United Orthodox Russia is under construction. And Orthodoxy is understood by the power the same as earlier communism in department of promotion of the Central Committee of CPSU was understood. From here and standing with candles of those who sent believers earlier.

The population has to be afraid of repressive services of the state. Means, there is a strengthening of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, procurators, vessels.

And, at the end - that the ends, the population has to work. Everything has to is desirable it in large to be state - private structures. So it is much easier for them to operate.

Therefore, oligarchs will remain at any deal. Only will become even richer. Officials, related too. The poor will grow poor, but it is necessary to do for them a certain living level. Type as in Northern Korea.

Inhabitants of suburbs will be completely given for the power of local Bai and khans. Only those will be called presidents, mayors and heads of settlements. However, this process already comes to an end.

The economy at such structure can be only raw. Modernization is not favorable to the state and oligarchs. Skolkovo will remain a toy for the weakest head of the country for all the time of its existence.

Suburbs will not revolt until local khans are supplied with money and not to climb in their affairs.

Political process will not be. All opponents of the power will be squeezed out from the country, to put or to compromise in every possible way.